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BlinkMobile offers a complete mobilisation management platform to bring management and control to all your businesses mobile interactions – be it with customers, staff or business partners.

BlinkMobile’s MobilisationPlatform (MADP or mBaaS) is transforming how we can create, deploy and maintain apps across all devices. Rather than creating native apps for each operating system and devices, their platform allows you to rapidly create apps that can read and write to your back-end systems and automatically format and deliver the content to any device (mobile, tablet, PC, iTV, kiosk etc.). It is an approach that allows you to create apps with less effort or specific development skills in a fraction of the time while the MADP effectively does all the hard work in the background.

Mobile Mentor provides organisations in Australia and New Zealand with the Blink Mobility Platform either as a standalone solution or as a package complete with consulting, training, support and integration with complimentary third party products and services.

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