Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is an application that strives to improve your workplace with an array of useful features. Microsoft Teams was designed such that different employees among various lines of business can quickly and painlessly plug into Microsoft Teams and start using all the powerful features. Ease of use is at the heart of Microsoft Teams as desktops, tablets, and smart phones can be used to access the app.

This means that your employees will have one app which lets them collaborate with the rest of their co-workers on one user friendly platform on any device. Productivity is streamlined since apps are integrated into Microsoft Teams and you never have to leave the Microsoft Teams interface to do all the things your business needs you to do.

Here is a list of ten things that make Microsoft Teams a great tool to use in your workplace.

1) Share Information with Your Entire Team

Keeping everyone in the loop is important for any team. With Teams, all members of a specific team have access to a news feed which is shared among the group. That means everyone in that group has access to the same information. Members can ask questions to specific posts so that everyone can benefit from a good response. A variety of messaging extensions are available so that you can make your messages more interesting and useful.

2) Chat with a Small Group of Users

Users need not look up and down from their phones anymore to have small private conversations with chat in Teams. This feature is useful when only a few members of an organization need to be in the loop. A user’s availability information is displayed in Teams naturally, so members of a chat know who has and has not gotten the messages. Messaging extensions used in a Teams newsfeed can be used in chats as well.

3) Have Your Team’s Schedule in Teams

Teams makes it easy to view and manage a schedule with the Meetings feature. You can check your schedule to plan your productivity as well as check another team member’s schedule to see when they are busy. Shifts is an app which is provided in Microsoft Teams through the app store, and with Shifts, users can look up what shift they are on easily. Shifts, along with the built-in scheduling tool, makes Teams the go-to place to check and manage busy schedules.

4) Schedule Video Meetings

No need to flip through your notes or wait on Skype to startup with teams. With Teams Video Meetings, users can quickly lookup the times for each of their meetings through the scheduling tool and attend through Teams. Since users should have Teams installed on their phones, you can have a video conference anywhere, anytime, instead of being tied to the conference room.

Microsoft Teams Meeting

5) Share Up-to-Date Files

File sharing has never been easier than in Teams. Users can share files locally or add a cloud storage service to share files stored on a remote server. Now there is no need to search through several modes of storage to find the right files, they will be in the same place for every user.

6) Add Websites

Is there a website you use constantly at your workplace? Chances are there is, and with Microsoft Teams, you can easily add that website to your team’s group. Being able to quickly visit your most important websites in Teams will save you and your fellow users tons of time. Not to mention having a website available in teams is much simpler to navigate to than using a full-fledged browser on your device.

7) Add Apps

Apps are crucial to Teams since they provide functionality crucial to your workplace. Many apps that your business already uses are most likely available in teams already. Whether your team needs an app for analyzing data, referencing information, or being social, the apps available in Teams will serve you well.

8) Add Bots

Bots provide an interactive experience for users who need to get things done. Send a message to your bot and it will message back with some functionality. Bots can help users by notifying them when certain events occur and providing users with the resources they need to act. There are many things bots can do, so having the right bot put into your team can really simplify the way users perform tasks.

Microsoft Teams add Apps & Bots

9) Create Apps for Teams

Developers can create apps for Teams so that your users can get exactly the sort of tools they need. This makes teams a very flexible toolset. As new problems continue to emerge, new apps can be created to solve problems.

10) One Easy to Use Interface

The final and greatest feature of teams is the unified interface. All the previously mentioned features can be attained in other places, but Teams brings them all together in one place. Teams not only brings all these features together, but it also simplifies the way we use them. The common interface for messaging, scheduling, etc. is incredibly easy to use on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. That means users are more likely to use all the great features that teams offers and increase their productivity with the consolidation of tools.