Android P Updates 

Android P has some pretty incredible new features that it will be rolling out to all Android devices. Some of these amazing features include power management, machine learning, digital well being and adaptive battery.  

Adaptive Battery 

Android P will be rolling out a new feature called Adaptive Battery. This feature is due to all the feedback heard from users about improving battery life on their device. Adaptive battery will use machine learning to see which apps you use the most and which apps you use at certain times of the day and prioritize battery life for those apps accordingly. Android will look at the amount of time and frequency a user has an app open and will put it into a certain bucket. These five buckets will help Android P prioritize which apps get more of the phone’s precious resources, such as battery. These five buckets are called: 

  • Active 
  • Working Set 
  • Frequent  
  • Rare 
  • Never 

Another interesting feature of the buckets is the limiting of Firebase Cloud Messages. According to Google, Firebase Cloud Messaging is a cross-platform messaging solution that lets you reliably deliver messages at no cost. Basically, it lets your apps send you notifications that are displayed on your phone. The new Adaptive Battery buckets will put limitations on Firebase Cloud Messaging for Apps that are in the lower-level buckets, so you won’t get notifications from apps that you rarely use. 

Android P Updates

Machine Learning 

Besides Adaptive Battery, what other features will machine learning enable in Android P and are they really relevant? One of the new features is Adaptive Brightness, which will auto-adjust the brightness on your screen based off your personal preferences and your current surroundings. Since I don’t change my brightness that often, I am unsure how bad I need this feature in my phone.  Another interesting feature Android P is rolling out is Slices. Slices allow you to surface part of an app and perform a common function without opening the app. For example, you can search “Lyft” in Google Search and a Slice will appear with the time and cost it will take for you to get a “Lyft” to a common destination, such as home. Of course, you can just not be lazy and take the ten extra seconds to open the app and select home.  

Digital Wellbeing  

Android is really focusing on making users aware of the amount of time they spend using their phone and how to cut down on that time and be more present with their surroundings. Android is calling this Digital Wellbeing and will be rolling it out with Android P. Digital Wellbeing gives users a dashboard showing: 

  • How much time they use their phone 
  • Which apps they use the most and for how long 
  • How many notifications they receive  

Android P then allows a user to set a time limit on how long they want to use a particular app or game, such as temple run. Once the time limit is met on the app, Android P will gray out the icon. Do Not Disturb will get some new features as well. With Do Not Disturb, a user will not receive any notifications but will now also not receive any visual pop ups on the screen either. I think this feature will be very well received since I know from personal experience that I use my phone a lot more than needed.  

Wrap up 

Android P is making some amazing changes with the latest release. Adaptive Battery, Machine Learning and Digital Wellbeing will all be huge improvements to the Android Operating System. The only real question is  when will you actually get to test out all these new improvements? 

Check out these resources to find out more about Android P  

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