Mobile Mentor recently established a full stack iOS development team in Nashville to expand our mobile app development capabilities.

We have been developing hybrid apps since 2012 (apps that run on iOS, Android and a web browser) and more recently we started working with Microsoft PowerApps.  Although most apps we develop land on iOS devices, developing for native iOS is relatively new to us so we needed to acquire the right mix of expertise and experience.  Fortunately, we were able to attract some great talent to the company and we assembled a crack team by relocating developers from across the country, from Silicon Valley to New York and other locations in between.

This iOS developer talent has landed us a contract with one of the largest and most successful hospital companies in the country.  We are also excited because this investment in an iOS practice will benefit our other customers who may need help with iOS app development, deployment and support.

All other aspects of our App Lifecycle Management service have been adapted to iOS native so if you have an iOS app that needs development or ongoing support and updates, please contact us and we will be happy to scope the cost and effort required. 

Would it help to unburden your internal developers from support work, so they can focus on the next new project?  In these situations, we take ownership for the code, the product backlog, update process and user support with agreed SLAs. 

Please contact us if this is of interest.