It seems almost everyone is migrating or planning to migrate to Exchange Online these days. It’s normal to spend time planning the mailbox migration but sometimes customers fail to consider the impact of a mailbox migration on MDM managed devices. This article talks through some lessons we have learned supporting our customers with recent migrations.

Traditionally native email is pushed to a device via an MDM policy that contains the active-sync URL so when the mail server address changes in the move to the cloud, this policy needs to be updated – and that means user impact.

You can use Exchange auto-discovery to redirect mail traffic from on-premise to the cloud but this means you will need to keep your active sync URL indefinitely, roll-back (if needed) has it’s challenges and it’s a big bang approach for your users so no option to test the experience in advance.


It’s important to talk to your service provider to understand the different scenario’s and options available for mobile. Some things to consider include:

  • Allow time for pilot testing, it is important to understand the impact of the change
  • Avoid including VIP’s in initial pilot testing, this adds unnecessary pressure during a complex phase
  • Ensure your mobile Service Desk is ramped up with resource and ready to support any calls
  • Avoid performing migration on users whilst roaming, the increase data requirements can cause issues with the new mail profile being installed
  • Ensure user communications clearly document the migration experience on devices (screenshots if possible). Include information on how to enter the password manually if the user misses the prompt when a new profile is pushed
  • Ensure Android devices are left powered on with network enabled during migration as this may impact receipt of new pofiles on the device
  • Migrate users in small batches to ensure Service Desk can provide a high standard of service
  • The number of users calling into the helpdesk over the period of a migration increases as the number of migrated users increase so recommendation is to migrate a batch of users and then take break to let the calls into the Service Desk even out

Some customers may choose to move to the Outlook mail client when migrating to O365 – if you think this is something you would like to do, have a look at Intune App Protection Policies and Conditional Access to control access and make sure you work with business stakeholders to get everyone on board to move to the new mail client.

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