Department of Conservation

Mobility for a Nationwide Workforce


The Department of Conservation is responsible for maintaining national parks and recreational facilities in New Zealand.  Thousands of employees work in remote areas every day, assisting visitors, maintaining facilities and monitoring wildlife and fauna in areas with very little mobile coverage.  DOC needed to accelerate staff mobility by  reducing the number of devices per person and deploying more apps for data collection and job management.


DOC selected Mobile Mentor in 2016 to develop and implement a 3-year strategy and roadmap for the deployment of mobile technology across the organisation.  This resulted in a set of high-value use-cases for mobility, consolidating the number of devices per person and the removal of landline telephones from most of the regional offices.   


Over 2,000 DOC staff have been mobilised using Android devices to access a portfolio of DOC apps that were designed to work in offline mode in remote areas.  DOC is using AirWatch as the platform for device management, provided and supported by Mobile Mentor who also support the mobile hardware and connectivity through the NZ Government TaaS Service Catalog.