Fulton Hogan

Transforming a Mobile Workforce


Fulton Hogan is one of the most successful New Zealand companies with several thousand staff, building and maintaining road networks across NZ, Australia and Fiji.  By nature, their workforce is highly mobile and most employees and contractors work on the roads, in trucks and on construction sites every day.  Fulton Hogan needed a solid mobility solution and partner.


Fulton Hogan selected Mobile Mentor in 2012 to develop a mobile policy, deploy AirWatch and set-up a mobile service desk.  Initially this was a for a select group of 25 users but over time this has grown to over 7,000 mobile workers across New Zealand and Australia.


All Fulton Hogan managers, supervisors, drivers and machinery operators are now equipped with secure smartphones and a portfolio of apps that improve Health & Safety and help with job dispatch and many routine tasks such as tail-gate checks.