Mobile Solutions to Improve Train Engineer Safety


KiwiRail is the national railway operator in New Zealand and has maintained an excellent safely record for over 100 years of operation.  With the adoption of mobile technology, KiwiRail wanted to deliver safety bulletins to train drivers in real-time and remove the legacy paper-based process that inevitably had a time-lag between hazard indentification and notification to the train drivers.


KiwiRail selected Mobile Mentor in 2013 to develop a mobility strategy using the 2020 process.  Following a successful engagement, KiwiRail also selected Mobile Mentor to design and implement the safety bulletin system.  Mobile Mentor used AirWatch to manage the devices and the Celigo briefcase to capture, store and present the  safety bulletins to the train drivers through their working day. 


Hundreds of train drivers are now receiving safety bulletins throughout the day.  This significantly reduces the time delay and contributes to quality improvement initiatives that saves lives.   It also helps to drive the adoption of mobile technology which is the foundation of many more innovations.