3-Minute Triage

Microsoft PowerApps Showcase 

Mobile Mentor built the 3-Minute Triage App in Microsoft PowerApps to showcase the full capabilities of Microsoft PowerApps. This Microsoft PowerApp is free to download in the Microsoft PowerApps Showcase website. 

Microsoft PowerApps 3 Minute Triage
Microsoft PowerApps Use Case

The 3-Minute Triage App allows an individual to perform an initial assessment of an injury or accident, gather essential information about the patient and share it with the care provider.

Our Microsoft PowerApp allows you to capture an image of the patient injury, insurance information and identification information. You can also record basic information, such as name and age. 

Microsoft PowerApps Vitals

Vital signs and other important information can be entered into the 3-Minute Triage App. Once this information has been captured, it can be shared via email with a first responder or care provider. 

The information captured in the Microsoft PowerApp can be shown in a series of charts to provide important information to first responders.

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