Fed Up with Excess Mobile Data Charges 

Our client, a national provider of rest homes and retirement villages, had been exceeding the data allowance on their corporate plans ever since equipping their 220 employees with iPhones. This prompted the mobile carrier to set the client an ultimatum to either lower their data usage to within the limitations of their contract or to re-sign at a higher price point.

Smarter use of Smartphones 

As their Managed Mobility Services provider, Mobile Mentor took the initiative to step in and help tackle the issue. First, Mobile Mentor contacted all individual users to help them upgrade to the latest version of iOS.  This allowed users to monitor and turn off data usage on a per app basis.  Our Mentors then walked each user through a series of tips and tricks to maximise their use of WiFi and minimise their use of cellular data for their daily tasks. 

50% Reduction in Mobile Data Usage 

By taking this simple initiative, Mobile Mentor helped the customer reduce their mobile data usage by 50.33% in 3 months, allowing them to stay safely within the boundaries of their mobile services contract while empowering their employees to be in control of their usage.