Develop apps that require deep integration with enterprise systems, have complex security requirements and work on diverse end-points.

Enterprise integration 

Enterprise apps typically require deep knowledge of back-end integration and sometimes require the development of API’s to integrate with legacy systems. Whether we use an MBaaS solution or we build it from scratch, our team has the skills and expertise to tailor your app to exactly your needs.


Enterprise apps often need to work on iOS, Android, Windows and also run as a web-app on a PC. We specialise in hybrid apps using common web technologies delivered in a native app shell to access all the capabilities of the mobile device. This means the bulk of the work is done once, for all platforms, saving hugely on development and ongoing maintenance cost.

The best technology platforms

By using the leading technology platforms we are able to address the integration, security, hosting and maintenance requirements of enterprise apps. Your users only care about the presentation layer above the surface but we care about all the complexities beneath the surface.


The username and password combination was a great breakthrough 30 years ago but has become a barrier to adoption of mobile apps. OAuth, 2FA, app wrapping and Single Sign-On are important considerations to minimse friction for the user and improve security for the enterprise. We specialise in designing and building secure apps for banking, healthcare and utilities.

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Some of our apps

Our approach

Developing an app is one thing, delivering a business outcome is another. We are passionate about mobilising people and transforming organisations so we work alongside our customers to provide everything from design through development, deployment and user adoption to make the project a complete success

“We know we can rely on Mobile Mentor for outstanding support and management of our mobile users, devices and connections as well as their valuable input in our mobility strategy.”
Bryce Johnson
Ministry for Primary Industries

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