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Secure what matters most to your business.

The Ultimate Protection for Your Digital Identity

Your digital identities contain your business’ most sensitive and coveted data. They hold the key to what cybercriminals want most and need to breach your environment.

Securing digital identities can be a challenge for busy IT departments. However, it is crucial to keep your business operational.

Our Identity Protection for Admins, Zero Trust for Identity, and Passwordless packages ensure that you are protecting your digital identities with the most modern and sophisticated techniques.

Adopting and leveraging the components of these packages such as Conditional Access Policies, Defender for Identity, Privileged Identity Management, and biometrics will shield your identities from unwanted intruders and take you a step closer to Zero Trust.

Hear Demetrius Cooper, Head of Digital Identity, describe the importance of securing your digital identities.

Get it Right the First Time

You’re ready to make a move to secure your digital identities, but you know the challenges. From change management to technical design, everything needs to be done right to ensure your identity protection is correctly implemented.

With our Digital Identity packages, you’ll improve your security, lower IT costs and delight your employees.

The team at Mobile Mentor are Digital Identity experts. We’re Microsoft’s 2021 Global Partner of the Year for Modern Endpoint Management and we are certified by Apple and Google. We understand MDM technology and know how to guide companies large and small through digital identity security.

Passwordless Authentication

Increase security, lower IT costs, and delight your users by going passwordless.

Passwordless Authentication is achievable by integrating multiple tools in your Microsoft 365 tenant to balance security and employee experience. Our package leverages tenants such as biometric sign-in, single sign-on, multifactor authentication, app or FIDO key, and Conditional Access policies.

Limit your exposure from passwords by embracing passwordless authentication for your business.

Identity Protection for Administrators

In the past, everyone in a company would share the same administrator account – often with insecure, easy-to-remember passwords. This is no longer a secure and viable option. Without proper protection for privileged and administrator accounts, companies may not even know when they have been compromised.

With Identity Protection for Administrators, organizations will be equipped with the tools to protect administrators and prevent bad actors from impacting critical operations.

Zero Trust for Identity

Get started, or continue, your journey with Zero Trust. By updating your Identity solution to Zero Trust, you can ensure that the right users are given access to data within your environment while keeping the wrong ones out.

To limit your environment from exposure to malicious threats, you need to leverage Azure AD’s comprehensive security features.

Check out additional Zero Trust resources here.

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