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Partner with Mobile Mentor to accelerate cashflow
and improve safety in forestry operations

Forestry Industry Challenges

Paper dockets add delays and office costs

Poor visibility of inventory in the forest

High mortality and injury rates

Business Impact

Incorrect invoicing and delayed cashflow

Poor ability to forecast and manage costs

Reputation and liability for the directors

Mobile Solutions

Replace paper dockets with eDockets

Capture accurate information at source

Pre-shift checks, hazard alerts, 360 checks

Services we provide the Forestry Industry

Mobile Apps for Harvesting, Haulage
and Forestry Managers

Replace paper dockets / tickets with electronic dockets and tickets

Geotag each load at the collection point for accurate invoicing

Obtain visibility of all assets and inventory, even in an offline environment

Improve health and safety by keeping workers in the safety of their cab

Improve compliance with User Declarations, 360 Checks and hazard notifications

Security for mobile devices connecting
to your corporate systems

Deploy Mobile Device Management technology to protect devices and data

Deploy your apps centrally and push app updates over the air

Detect and block malicious apps before they reach your devices

Management of the mobile solution and
support for the end-users

Device provisioning and deployment for new users (employees and contractors)

User support and training and smartphones and forestry apps

Technical support for the entire mobile solution

“We went live as planned on Dec 1st and so far all is going well.  The support team appear very well organised and professional, which I must say gave me a lot of confidence as we approached the go-live date.”

Greg Cordes, HQPlantations Pty Ltd

Forestry Industry Case Studies

You know forestry operations. 

We know mobile technology.

Let’s harvest the opportunity.

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