Corporate CPR host, Jana Axline, discuss trends in hybrid work and the recent global Endpoint Ecosystem study. The two chat about the security blind spots associated with hybrid work and how to prepare to equip Gen Z for success.


Key Discussion Points:


  • Unchanged Hybrid Work Setup but Evolving Attitudes: Despite the pandemic waning, the hybrid work setup has stayed the same for the past two years. However, employees’ attitudes have shifted significantly, with a greater emphasis on personal well-being, productivity, and privacy, while the importance of company culture has decreased.


  • Remote Work Onboarding and Security Issues: Remote onboarding remains challenging, with employees facing difficulties in setting up devices and obtaining necessary support. Younger employees tend to use unsecured personal devices and have poor password practices, increasing the risk of security breaches.


  • Generational Productivity and Preference Differences: Gen Z employees, who started their careers during the pandemic, prefer office environments for better productivity and support. They are more relaxed about data security compared to older generations, who place higher importance on protecting company and personal data.


  • Variations in Data Sharing Attitudes by Generation: Younger generations, especially Millennials, are more willing to share personal data in exchange for convenience and insights. In contrast, older generations are more cautious about data privacy and security.


  • Communicating Data Privacy Effectively in Companies: Companies should reframe their security messages to focus on personal privacy to better engage employees. Highlighting the protection of personal data is more impactful than using terms like compliance and risk.