iProximity delivers proximity marketing and information solutions via Beacons, NFC, TapBoards, QR, WiFi and SMS. iProximity has developed the iPX, a proximity management platform which delivers and engages contextually with your customers and deeply integrates into your systems including ERP, CRM, POS, Digital Display Screens, etc. iProximity has also developed proximity based Apps and SDKs to ease deployment.

Moble Mentor will support clients with beacon projects by providing the solution design, app development, integration with the iProximity management platform and leveraging its business intelligence engine to provide reporting and operational dashboards.

Recently Beacons have rapidly grabbed the attention of retailers, airports, transport operators, manufacturers and the events sector. By giving marketers the ability to push personalised and relevant content to their customers based on their location, the iProximity solution facilitates rich engagement with consumers based on their location and additional variables such as time of day and consumer profile.

Beacon technology also presents huge potential for enterprises which want to improve health and safety practices, speed up business workflows, improve asset tracking and providing directions in locations like hospitals.

Mobile Mentor partners with iProximity

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