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Proactive Security Management

Mobile Mentor can administer your existing Mobile Device Management (MDM) environment or provide one of the 3 global platforms as a managed service (AirWatch, MobileIron & Citrix XenMobile). Our vendor-certified engineers perform all MDM platform upgrades and proactively monitor the security of your mobile devices and compliance with your mobile policy.

Dedicated Mobile Service Centre

Our mobile service center has direct access to the mobile networks, hardware manufacturers and MDM vendors so we are able to achieve over 80% first contact resolution. Our team handles the day-to-day provisioning, management and support of mobile devices to maximise productivity for the end-users.

Independent Cost Control

Being independent of the mobile networks means that we can optimise usage and spend to your benefit. We consistently deliver a compounding savings of 1% per month for our clients. We can also split personal and business usage and facilitate an automated reimbursement process for BYOD.

Customer satisfaction

As a customer, you will have real-time visibility of our performance against SLAs through our Fleet Management App. Our support processes are optimised for the mobile workforce and we consistently achieve 95% satisfaction scores from our customers.

Managed Service Components

We provide the most comprehensive managed mobility service in Australia and New Zealand. Choose any components on their own or benefit from a completely seamless experience with the full service.

Full visibility of your mobility KPI's through our Fleet Management App

The mobile fleet management app, which comes as part of Mobile Mentor’s managed mobility service, provides our customers with real-time visibility of mobile device compliance, mobile expense trends and outliers, end-user satisfaction and SLA management of their mobile fleet.

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Featured Customer Stories:

Our client urgently needed to upgrade its fleet of BlackBerry devices to address the organisational pressure to deploy iPhones and support BYOD.

This NZ-based global exporter was keen to implement a BYOD program. As this would make their internal support a great deal more complicated, they looked to outsource their mobile support and mobile asset management.

Our client, a national provider of rest homes and retirement villages, had been exceeding the data allowance on their corporate plans ever since equipping their 220 employees with iPhones.

“We know we can rely on Mobile Mentor for outstanding support and management of our mobile users, devices and connections as well as their valuable input in our mobility strategy.”
Bryce Johnson
Ministry for Primary Industries

Better manage your devices, apps and connections