Scaling Business and Scaling Device Management

The writing was on the wall. Lee Company, which specializes in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing construction and maintenance services had ambitious growth plans in the American Southeast. To meet this goal, Lee Company needed a versatile, cloud-first technology to effectively manage their iPhone and iPad devices as they scaled their operations.

Lee Company previously used JAMF to manage their fleet of iPads and iPhones, with 1,450+ devices actively enrolled. Their technicians regularly used these iPads and iPhones while working in the field, and the Lee Company IT team wanted to ensure everything possible to secure the data on those devices without impacting employee productivity.

As the group increasingly embraced Microsoft technologies for their day-to-day operations, it was clear that it was time to shift away from JAMF. The team already owned Microsoft licenses, making a conversion to Microsoft Intune the natural next step in their journey of cloud-first device management. That considered, they decided to take the leap to Intune.

“It’s so much more efficient and faster in how it does stuff. It’s not group policies, then reboot and wait for a policy to deploy. It’s much simpler. It’s really about leveraging configuration policies.” – Chris Reaves, Director of IT, Lee Company



Positioning for a Successful Migration

In order to position the group for a successful migration from JAMF to Intune, Lee Company engaged the experts at Mobile Mentor to architect their new Intune environment.

The Mobile Mentor team conducted a thorough audit of Lee Company’s JAMF configurations and apps that were assigned to groups in the company. Once the team at Mobile Mentor gained a comprehensive understanding of Lee Company’s legacy JAMF architecture they began their build, which included:

      • Set up of Apple Business Manager for iOS and iPad devices

      • Implementation of security policies and device profiles

      • Implementation of compliance policies for iOS and iPadOS

      • App wrapping and configuration of app configuration in Intune

      • Implementation of Conditional Access policies

      • Configuration of AppProxy to an internal data source

      • Testing and validation of production readiness

    When the build came to completion, the Mobile Mentor team provided a thorough knowledge transfer to the Lee Company team through hands-on keyboard training and as-built documents.

    Leveraging the New Environment

    With a successful Intune design and build, Lee Company was able to undertake the migration of their 1,450+ devices from JAMF to Intune.

    With their migration underway, Lee Company now enjoys the benefits Intune delivers including, OneDrive access for iOS devices, dynamic groups, over-the-air OS updates and patching, Single-Sign-On (SSO) and robust endpoint protection.

    Learn more about the specific device management features the Lee Company is leveraging in the videos below.

    “Intune allows for the ability to simply configure specific settings in order to deploy computers rather than having to individually image computers. Now, as soon as we order a computer from our vendor, it comes pre-enrolled inside of Intune and automatically gets put into the AutoPilot deployment.”– Chris Reaves, Director of IT, Lee Company


    Passwords and SSO

    “On the whole, almost everything we use today is SSO. We don’t have employees writing passwords. (Each employee) has one password, we make sure they keep it very secure and it is multi-factor protected. We also have self-service password reset in place. We also use the Azure AD protection policy to ensure an extra layer of security.”– Chris Reaves, Director of IT, Lee Company


    “If an employee is on an internet connection of any kind, the OS updates and patching just work! Back in the SCCM world and GPO, it was difficult to make sure employees were adequately connected for updates.”– Chris Reaves, Director of IT, Lee Company



    Learn more by watching the full interview with Chris Reaves, Lee Company Director of IT.



    With about 1,500 employees, Lee Company offers comprehensive services and trust-winning solutions. Their team of caring professionals builds on nearly 80 years of experience in everything from HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and appliance repair, to huge construction projects. Lee Company works with homeowners throughout the Southeast, and with clients in government, institutional, commercial, healthcare, and industrial organizations.