MedChart is the Ministry approved platform for administration of medication in New Zealand hospitals.

The MedChart application is owned and managed by CSC and whilst it performs well as a desktop application, many clinicians would prefer a mobile experience on an iPad mini.

Read MadChart Extended Case Study Here

The MedChart mobile app enables a clinician to view a patient’s medication history, administer the prescribed medication and obtain co-sign approvals for specific doses. 

MedChart Mobile empower the clinician to move seamlessly between the drug room / Pyxis machine and the bedside and less time at the admin station.

This reduces time, reduces errors and improves patient outcomes.

The MedChart mobile app was built using technology from PowWow Mobile, an award-winning technology that transforms legacy desktop applications to native mobile apps.

Mobile Mentor designed and deployed the resulting app to secure devices so the app can be supported and updated remotely.

The team at Mobile Mentor can customise the app for other DHBs and integrate with existing processes and applications.

Save time, money and lives with the MedChart Mobile App