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Peace of mind with Mobile Mentor
looking after your Intune ecosystem

Mobile Mentor is a Microsoft Gold partner, member of Apple’s Consultant Network

and one of the first Google partners for Android Enterprise in the world. 

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Ecosystem Support for Microsoft EM+S / Intune

Implementing Microsoft Intune is easy.  But integrating Intune with Android and Apple systems, applying conditional access policies and dealing with BYO devices – is hard. 

Mobile Mentor has supported enterprises with mobility since 2004 and has the skills and experience to integrate Microsoft Intune with Apple services and Android Enterprise.

Security conscious enterprises rely on Mobile Mentor to manage their EMS / Intune environment and the integration with Android Enterprise and the Apple ecosystem.  

“The Mobile Mentor Intune support service enables us to get maximum value from our Microsoft licenses and our investments in mobile hardware.”

What you get

  • Apple and Android Integration

  • OS Update Testing and Support

  • Best Practice Security Policies

  • System Administration

  • Technical Support

How you benefit

1. Achieve a multi-layer security stack

2. Integration with Apple and Android

3. Technical support from certified experts*

*Microsoft Gold partner, Apple’s Consultant Network and Google’s Android Enterprise program. 

Choose from three service options to suit your exact requirements

Microsoft Intune Pricing Plans
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We Need 100% Enrollment

“We had AirWatch provided to us by our carrier. It was poorly implemented and not fully integrated, not a lot of devices enrolled. Now we’re
moving to Microsoft 365, which includes lntune and we want to get 100% enrollment. We need the right skills to implement this properly, and at
the same time we want to leverage the capabilities that Apple and Android provide for mobile security.” – CIO Healthcare Provider, January 2019

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