Mobile Mentor’s goal is to be Microsoft’s #1 partner in the endpoint ecosystem

  • Microsoft customers need to deploy Intune first as the foundation for security co-pilot.

  • Customers also need to migrate all their Windows machines and mobile devices from competitors to Intune.

  • Customers need to embrace automation in every aspect of IT operations to free up time to embrace AI.

Mobile Mentor is your go-to partner for endpoint strategy, implementation, migrations and managed services.


Driving O to M and ME3 to ME5

  • We drive adoption of M365 and accelerate ME3 to ME5.
  • Deep expertise in Intune, Autopilot and Windows 365.
  • Tailored to SMC and enterprise in HLS, SLG and EDU.

Original Research

Client Testimonials

Co-Sell Ready Service Portfolio

Co-Sell Success Stories

TN Tech Case Study Co Sell

Tennesee Tech accelerates their implementation of M365

Ancestry accelerates use of Microsoft 365, Azure Ad, and Intune

Zero Trust Whitepapers


A Non-Technical Overview for Executive and Boards Members


A Deployment Guide with Microsoft 365 E3 Licenses


Enhanced Security with Microsoft 365 E5 Licenses

Customer Advocacy

The Guide to BYOD

The BYOD Guide to securing hybrid workers with personal devices and rolling out a successful BYOD program

The Six Pillars of Modern Management

A semi-technical overview for IT leaders on 6 pillars of modern endpoint management

MDM Migration Guide

A whitepaper on the technical and change management aspects involved in an MDM migration

The Intune Suite Introductory Guide to amplifying efficiency and security

Educational Material on Modern Endpoint Management

Zero Trust Architecture

Passwordless Authentication

Remote Support

OS Updates

Zero Touch Provisioning

Modern App Patching

Microsoft Endorsements

“Working with Mobile Mentor on several accounts in the Nashville area and across Tennessee has been amazing. The Mobile Mentor team is professional, hard-working and proactive. More importantly, the customer outcomes have been both positive and impactful. Our team and our customers continue to be delighted with the services and engagement provided by Mobile Mentor.”
Gretchen Muller, Senior Account Executive
“Mobile Mentor bailed us out of a tricky situation with Vanderbilt and I appreciate that.”
Preston Peine, Global Black-Belt. Modern Workplace

“Modern Management? Zero Touch Deployment? Intune? Cloud management? People WAY over complicate this story. You know who hasn’t? – Mobile Mentor!”

Ben Brown, Surface Partner Development Manager
“Mobile Mentor is the BEST partner I have dealt with in my 5 years at this company, if I could get them engaged with all of my customers, we could move mountains on adoption! They are INCREDIBLE!”
Chuck Jones, Account Technology Strategist

Mobile Mentor and Microsoft Discuss the Journey to Microsoft Intune and a Cloud Native Approach

The journey to cloud native | Tackling Tech

LEarn how Mobile Mentor has found success by guiding organizations every step of the way to find the right approach and the right solution for their journey to Microsoft Intune and a cloud native approach to endpoint management. In this episode of Tackling Tech, CEO of Mobile Mentor, Denis O’Shea, discusses key fundamentals likes policies and compliance—and how consolidation can enable you to turn off legacy systems, commit to the cloud, and realize real benefits almost immediately. From being in the room in 2017 when Satya announced Microsoft 365 to the benefits of going fully cloud native, Denis shares insights from his journey that apply to businesses of all sizes.

Mobile Mentor and Microsoft Discuss Windows 365


Microsoft Principal Product Manager, Steven DeQuincey, and Mobile Mentor Founder and CEO, Denis O’Shea discuss how Windows 365 can benefit businesses with a great balance of security and user experience.

Key discussion points include:

  • Practical use cases for Windows 365
  • The differences between W365 and AVD
  • How to deploy Windows 365 via Intune
  • Pricing and performance considerations
  • Pilots and getting started

Mobile Mentor and Microsoft Tell the Zero Trust Story


As part of Microsoft’s “Zero Trust: Going Beyond the Why” series of digital events, Mobile Mentor Founder, Denis O’Shea, sits down with Microsoft’s Security Product Manager, Daniel Gottfried, to discuss the importance of providing a great employee experience for companies adopting zero trust.

Principles discussed during this session:

  • Adopt a Zero Trust cyber security posture
  • Go passwordless
  • Deploy Zero Touch device provisioning

Mobile Mentor and Microsoft Talk W365 and AVD

W365 and AVD | Which Solution is Right for Your Business

Microsoft’s Principal Product Manager of Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop, Christiaan Brinkhoff, and Mobile Mentor Founder and CEO, Denis O’Shea discuss the features and benefits of Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop.

The two deep dive into the nuances of each product and the advantages each offers for

Key discussion points include:

  • Understanding Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Specific use cases for Windows 365 and AVD
  • Management and cost considerations

Mobile Mentor and Microsoft Discuss the New 2023 Intune Suite

On-Demand Webinar: Unpacking the New 2023 Intune Plans and Features

Microsoft Principal Product Manager, Steven DeQuincey, and Mobile Mentor Founder and CEO, Denis O’Shea discuss the new capabilities of Intune in 2023 and their impact on endpoint security.

Key discussion points include:

  • Endpoint security features
  • Employee experience enhancements
  • Cloud certificate management
  • Endpoint privilege management
  • Advanced endpoint analytics

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