Microsoft Forms Tutorial:

A rarely used product in the Office 365 suite is Microsoft Forms. You can use it to create surveys, quizzes, and polls for your users, employees, and prospects.

Learn how to make surveys, quizzes, and pools using this Microsoft Forms Tutorial

To find Microsoft Forms, go to and look for the Forms icon.

Create a new Form or Quiz

Creating a survey or quiz is easy, simply click the New Form or New Quiz button and enter information. For this article, we have chosen New Form; however, the user interface and subsequent set-up are similar for both.

Once created, you can edit the title by clicking on it and when clicked, there are options to name the form, add a description and add an image.

After entering the title you can begin to Add new questions.

There are several types of questions you can add: Choice, Text, Rating, Date, Ranking, Likert, File upload, and Net Promoter Score. Note that some of the question types are in the drop down and are not immediately visible.

Also, you can add a Section to group similar questions together.

Fill your form in with all the questions you want. You can re-order the questions by clicking on any question, then clicking the up and down arrow in the right-hand corner.

Share your Form or Quiz

Once you’ve completed setting up your questions you are ready to add team members to the form and share it.

On the top right of the screen, look for the green Share button.

For users, look at the Send and collect responses section. There you can choose between Only people in my organisation can respond or Anyone with the link.

For team members, look to the Share to collaborate section. Here you can share a link to them so that they can edit the form and obtain links, QR codes, or embed mark-ups and share the form.

View your Results

After users respond, you can view results by clicking on the Responses tab. For quantitative analysis, responses can be viewed in Excel as well.