As the use of Microsoft Teams increases, many companies will send Teams invites out to clients, customers and other external facing people. A quick and easy way to add a touch of branding to your Teams invitation is to add your company logo

There is a way to add your company logo within the administrative portal of your Office 365 tenant. Your system administrator can use the available settings to add the logo as a default option. It will then automatically show up any time you create a Teams meeting invitation.

You can also add a “Legal” link, a “Help” link and a text footer. Note that the legal and help links merely include the words legal and help and then link to the desired content.

The image must be hosted on the web and be public facing. It is linked an image tag via its URL.

Here’s what ours looks like:

Customizing your Meeting Settings

Note: This requires Teams administrator privileges

Open your tenant’s Microsoft Teams Admin Center then go to Meetings > Meeting Settings.

Look for the Email invitation section. Here there are fields to paste the URLs for your company logo as well as those for legal and help. Finally, you can paste in a footer, which is simple text.

Paste in the appropriate URLs, then you’ll need to wait about an hour for everything to propagate throughout your tenant.

If you’d like further instructions, check out the Microsoft documentation here: