Continuous App Updates

For security reasons, you may not want all your apps to auto-update.

Privacy invasions and security breaches sometime happen on the 3rd or 13th update to an app and the user is unaware that they have just given the developer permission to access their calendar, upload their contacts and capture their social media profile.

So, you may want your users to disable auto-updates but still be able to receive the latest updates from your enterprise apps. Sound like a complicated problem? Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution, Evergreen mobile apps.  When you open an evergreen mobile app, it first checks to see if any updates are available and if so, it will immediately download the update.

This should be a quick and seamless process in the background although a significant update will cause a delay of a few seconds for the user.  However, it does mean that your users always have the latest version, with security patches and bug fixes.

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