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Have an idea for an app that transforms the way your people work?

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Mobile Mentor builds fully integrated, secure apps that your users will love.

Mobile Mentor Enterprise Apps
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ONESIE Mobile App Design

User adoption of enterprise apps is notoriously difficult and your users only ever see the tip of the iceberg. We know this because we have enabled over 1 million mobile workers and we understand the barriers to change.

Our mobile app design philosophy is the ONESIE

  • One task in one minute

  • One screen
  • One hand
  • One thumb
  • One eye
  • One factor of authentication
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Keeping your apps up to date and your users secure is a never-ending process – especially when you have a mix of Apple, Android and Windows devices. Our mobile app development team builds EVERGREEN apps to silently auto-update.

  • Users have the latest features
  • Security patches are up to date
  • Single code-base for iOS, Android and Windows

Our developers practice continuous development, continuous integration and automated testing to build robust apps that scale with your business.

Why Evergreen Apps?
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Security and privacy are big considerations when designing enterprise apps and there are no short-cuts. However, your users need to unlock their device 100 times per day so we need to make it easy.

We build your apps with security in every layer:

  • Secure the user’s identity
  • Secure the data in the app
  • Secure the back-end database

We work with the market leaders in mobile security so we can meet HIPAA and other industry regulations and protect your business data.

Most importantly, we do everything possible to make security non-invasive for your users and wherever possible we use open standards to avoid lock-in to specific technologies.

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Your back-end systems change very slowly compared to the rate of change in mobile devices and apps and this presents a very real challenge when building and supporting enterprise apps. Some of your back-end systems may not even have APIs that facilitate mobile apps.

Our preferred architecture is a mediation layer:

  • Services / APIs that power your apps
  • Secure connections to your internal systems
  • Cost effective approach for multiple apps
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Mobile App Development


Every successful app becomes a product you need to manage and nurture through its lifecycle.

We leverage the best technology from:

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Azure (Microsoft) platforms

These partners provide us with a robust, reliable platform with separate environments for development, testing and production.

Your app scales as your business grows.

“The app is live and we’re very happy with the first release. Thanks to you guys and the rest of your team for working so hard to get it up and running in such a stupidly short time frame.  Your efforts have been much appreciated and everyone here is impressed with the design and build quality you’ve been able to produce.  You’ve taken our vision, ideas and brand and created the initial app we’d hoped to have. You’ve got us off to a great start”.

Have a great idea for an enterprise mobile app but you are not sure where to start?

App Scope is the best way to flesh out your idea for an app. This is the definition and scoping phase that
gives you a high-level design, detailed budget and timeline for the project so you can decide the next steps.

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