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We provide mobile security to your entire mobile environment with the leading global technology, local technical expertise and proactive support.

The days of locking down mobile devices are over. Leading enterprises are providing secure access to enterprise resources from their mobile devices through integration with AD, Office 365, SharePoint, Certificate services and an enterprise app store.

This is the evolution from MDM (mobile device management) to EMM (enterprise mobility management). To do this successfully, we need to secure the device, the apps, the data and the identity of the person. We do this by choosing the leading technology vendors and having the best engineering team to support your mobile environment.

Evolution from MDM to EMM
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Secure Devices

We design policies and device profiles that leverage DEP (Apple’s device enrollment program) and Android Enterprise (formerly known as Android for Work).

For most clients, our recommended design integrates Mobile Device Management with Active Directory, Email, Intranet and content repositories, either on-premise or in the cloud. Once the basics are in place, we work on more advanced functionality such as certificate integration, multi-factor authentication and single sign-on.

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Secure Data

HIPAA and other industry regulations can be intimidating and stifle innovation unless the appropriate controls are baked into product design from the outset.

We comply with industry regulations by designing a “tiered trust model” that applies the appropriate layers of security to protect data for sensitive use-cases in healthcare and government.

Strike the right balance between security and usability to provide an inspirational user experience. Fortunately, with biometrics and conditional access, security can be applied intelligently and discretely so the user can easily unlock their device and access their apps up to 100 times during a normal working day.

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Secure Apps

The average device now has 80 – 90 apps, some enterprise apps but mainly public apps. Few people live their life in isolated containers and the reality is that the line between our work and private lives is increasingly blurred in a mobile context. It is essential that we secure both public and enterprise apps.

Enterprise Apps

We typically use AppConfig or proprietary app wrapping technology (e.g. MDX from Citrix) to apply policies and controls to enterprise apps so they can be deployed securely to approved devices. This permits granular controls like app tunnel to access corporate networks and to facilitate single sign-on.

These capabilities simplify the first-time set-up for new users and enable enterprises to provide their users with advanced apps, integrating multiple data sources and complex workflows.

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Public Apps

We use technology from leading Mobile Threat Management vendors to scan public apps to detect malicious code and alert users and IT admins to privacy and security risks.

We monitor, remediate and report on the app activity each day and leverage the software to remove or replace leaky apps with alternatives to prevent security breaches.

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Leading Global Technology

There are over 100 vendors who claim to provide some form of mobile security. Through our partnership with Gartner, Mobile Mentor is constantly monitoring industry developments and over the past 7 years we have consistently worked with the global leaders (AirWatch, MobileIron and Citrix) to secure the mobile environment for our clients.

In mid-2017 we formed an important partnership Microsoft and we have re-tooled our engineering team to design, deploy and support EMS / Intune and Windows 10. We are very excited about working with Microsoft and supporting organisations who are rolling out Office 365 and modern management.

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Local Expertise

Our engineering team has achieved the highest levels of technical certification from AirWatch, MobileIron and Citrix. We have performed some of the largest deployments for enterprise and government clients using these 3 technologies over the past 5 years.

We have deployed and currently manage some of the largest Citrix XenMobile installations in the Asia Pacific region for a large regional airline and a number of healthcare providers. This includes MDX / app wrapping to secure apps with sensitive flight data and patient information.

Mobile Mentor operates an AirWatch private cloud environment for government clients and has users in 34 countries around the world. Mobile Mentor has been selected to provide secure mobility to the NZ Government and NSW Government in Australia.

Proactive Support

Mobile Device Management platforms change quarterly, OS versions change monthly and each of your 60-90 apps are updated monthly. There is at least 1 change every day, on every device, for every employee.

We administer your MDM platform and perform the day-to-day tasks related to user onboarding, offboarding and all the support requests along the way. This includes the development and maintenance of enrollment guides for your corporate devices.

We monitor security incidents inside your business and provide proactive advice on significant events outside the business, such as upcoming OS updates and MDM platform changes etc.

We also administer your Apple DEP and VPP accounts as well as Android Enterprise and assist with the renewal of your APNS certificates.

Mobile Mentor Deploys Mobility For 1 Million Users

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You know mobile security needs more attention but you are unsure where to start.

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