Sifting through my inbox this morning presented the news that Skycure had been acquired by Symantec. This got me thinking. Who is now left? It’s certainly been an interesting few years for this market segment with not really much mass uptake to date but showing lots of promise in the way more security conscience world we have today.

  1. July 2017 – Symantec acquires Skycure
  2. August 2015 – Proofpoint acquires Marble Security
  3. April 2015 – Check Point acquires Lacoon Mobile Security
  4. August 2013 – IBM acquires Trusteer (not sure if they had Mobile Threat Prevention at that time)

Please comment below if you know of any that I have missed.


Standalone mobile security focused vendors left to be acquired:

Appthority – Perhaps credited as being the first

Lookout – Big presence in consumer and making inroads in enterprise

Wandera – Combining data management with security.

Ones I am not sure about. Can you help in the comments below?

Webroot – Has an offering but not sure if they acquired or built it in house

Trend Micro MARS – Don’t really know much about it.

There are obviously a bunch of others out there like Zimperium, Pradeo and Better along with firewall vendors like FireEye and Palo Alto but I really don’t see them as being in the market much at this stage given its immaturity. A good read for anyone interested is the Gartner Market Guide to Mobile Threat Defense Solutions.

Is 2017 the year this market matures and goes mainstream? Will they all end up as part of a bigger suite of security products or is there room to go it alone? Will the OS vendors and services like Google Play Protect spell out the end of this segment altogether? Interesting times ahead. Congratulations to the crew at Skycure and all the best in your new home with Symantec.


About the Author:

Randall Cameron is responsible for growing our business in Australia and supporting customer requirements with our range of enterprise mobility services. He brings 14 years’ experience in successfully assisting enterprise and government organisations transform their business and drive innovation via mobility. During this time, he has been responsible for channel partner development, mobile strategy deployment, start-up business growth, digital marketing and sales training. Randall is a mobility evangelist, coach and challenger, passionate about how mobile is and has been changing the world. His passion has brought him a deep understanding of Enterprise Mobility