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MobileIron is consistently rated by Gartner and others as one of the most secure platforms for enterprise mobility, especially in highly regulated industries such as healthcare.

MobileIron Iron Partner

MobileIron is also noteworthy as it is the only pure-play mobility platform.  Almost all other players have been sold to larger organisations who position mobile as an extension to a larger set of management products and services.

Mobile Mentor shares a common vision with MobileIron through our 100% focus on enterprise mobility.  We believe that 95% of the tasks done by mobile workers should be done on mobile devices and not require the use of a desktop PC. 

Our vision of this mobile experience requires a set of powerful apps with seamless integration to enterprise resources and a layered security model for the user’s identity, apps and data.

MobileIron Innovation Partner of the Year in 2016 in APAC

MobileIron Innovation Partner of the Year in 2016 in APAC

Mobile Mentor was incredibly proud to be recognised as the MobileIron Innovation Partner of the year in 2016 in the APAC region.  In addition to receiving this prestigious award, we deepened our partnership and commitment to working together to benefit our mutual clients.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

In 2015 the Australian government made a big bold decision to conduct a large portion of the 2016 national census on mobile devices.  They issued a public tender to select a partner to design, build and support the solution.  This was a high-profile project with zero tolerance for error and needed to ramp-up to 33,000 devices in 6 weeks.

Mobile Mentor won the tender and we chose MobileIron as our technology partner.  Together we designed a solution that was highly available and fault tolerant and enabled the Census app to be wrapped and deployed to 500 different models of BYO devices.  The entire solution was then frozen in time to remove any risk of upgrades disrupting our configuration in the 11th hour.

The project was an outstanding success for the Australian Bureau of Statistics and is now considered a blueprint for other countries seeking to leverage mobile technology for a centuries old process.

How Mobile Mentor Compliments MobileIron

Mobile Mentor is a MobileIron partner with specialist skills in mobile app development, mobile security and the management of mobile assets.

Mobile Mentor Services

Mobile App Development

Our developers use leading development tools to build a best practice app architecture for enterprise and government clients and then leverage AWS or Azure to deliver robust, scalable and secure infrastructure.

Once we have an app ready to deploy, we use the AppConfig standards and the MobileIron platform to deploy the app to enterprise users with a seamless user experience.  This means an enterprise user can download an app from their enterprise app store and have a single sign-on experience because the app derives the user’s credentials from the MobileIron profile on the device.

Mobile Security

Mobile Mentor is a MobileIron certified mobility partner (Iron level) and we design, deploy and support the Microsoft platform to secure identity, devices, apps and data.   

For enterprises with multiple use-cases, we design a layered security model so that security is applied intelligently depending on the sensitivity of the data to be protected.

Our deployments include on-premise installations, pure cloud and hybrid cloud.  More recently we have helped several organisations to migrate from on-premise to cloud.

Mobility Management

We manage all hardware, enterprise apps and mobile network connections to support end-users 24×7.

We integrate with all the major mobile networks, importing data usage records to an SQL database to monitor spend on behalf of our client.  Since 2008, we have consistently saved our clients 1% per month compounding on their mobile bill – in spite of growing data usage.

We aggregate security information from all devices by interfacing with the MobileIron back-end and we combine this with support KPIs for all users and mobile usage statistics from all connections.  This builds a 360 view of the mobile environment and provides our client with a set of powerful dashboards that provide real-time visibility of the mobile environment.

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