Mobility Change Management

Want to see your mobility projects through to a successful end?

Our Change Management Services are designed to increase user adoption and achieve the business outcome you are looking for.

Increase user adoption

Despite promising great potential, many mobility projects fall at the last hurdle: user adoption. Mobile Mentor has the expertise and the processes to take your project through to a successful conclusion by mentoring your users, providing ongoing support, monitoring adoption and proactively managing the ‘tail’.

Project management office

Are you are planning an MDM roll-out, new device roll-out, change of carrier or the deployment of a new app? Our PMO specialises in mobile projects, we understand the challenges and we have 11 years experience driving successful outcomes for enterprise and government clients.

Flexible learning

In addition to personal assistance we can provide your employees documentation in the form of device-specific user guides, as well as intranet Q&As and a 24/7 hotline to make sure everyone has the opportunity to learn at their own time and pace.

Over 1 million customers

10 Years ago Mobile Mentor developed a unique one-to-one “mentoring” service to help busy people unlock the full potential of their smartphones. Since then we have helped over a million people worldwide to unlock the full potential of their mobile technology.

Featured Customer Stories:

This government-owned crown research institute had an urgent requirement to modernise their fleet and introduce tablets to empower their mobile workers and share data with their customers.

Our client urgently needed to upgrade its fleet of BlackBerry devices to address the organisational pressure to deploy iPhones and support BYOD.

We all know that effecting change is a difficult thing. So it is very exciting to be part of an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution roll-out that is so successful that employees are scrambling to be part of it. Enrolment is well above target and all phases in the project were brought forward.

What our customers say:

Simon Chen
“The Mobile Mentor programme is a masterstroke in customer service”

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