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Mobility Management for Corporate Devices

Your mobile environment is changing every day. How are you keeping up?

Partner with Mobile Mentor to support and manage your mobile environment. We are 100% focused on enterprise mobility and we provide an end-to-end mobility management service that:

  • Enforces your policy
  • Secures your assets

  • Supports your users

  • Controls your costs
  • Displays your metrics on live dashboards
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enterprise mobility management matrix
Mobile Policy

Mobile Policy

You set the rules.

Your mobile policy defines the rules by which your mobile environment is managed. We assist in developing a balanced policy for different ownership models, including BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), COSU (Corporate Owned Shared Use) and COPE (Corporate Owned Personally Enabled). Having a balanced policy ensures employees that their privacy is respected whilst corporate data is protected and your liability is managed.

Our policy consultants have facilitated mobile policy development for hundreds of businesses and government agencies so we can provide templates, advice and a fast-track process to satisfy the different considerations for IT, HR, Finance and the employees, including any relevant unions.

Once the policy is approved, we enforce the policy provisions through our service design and management tools. You can then monitor compliance with the policy using our live reporting dashboards in ZOOOOM.

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Asset Management

Your mobile assets consist of physical devices, network connections and deployed apps.  All 3 categories need to be procured, provisioned and managed. Fortunately, Mobile Mentor has the systems and processes to take care of this so you can focus on how mobility is used to enhance productivity.

Hardware Management

Managing mobile assets is getting harder as the cost of devices are increasing and the lifespan is decreasing.  We aim to reverse these trends in the enterprise by providing an end-to-end hardware life-cycle service as follows;

  • Device procurement & provisioning with accessories to extend device life
  • Asset tracking in a configuration management database for trace-ability 
  • Secure erasure to facilitate device reallocation and end-of-life disposal

Rapid Replacement

  • Rapid replacement of lost, stolen or faulty devices
  • Service recovery and restoration of new devices
  • Warranty and repair process management 

Losing or breaking a mobile device is a stressful event for most people.  It happens to all of us, but it does not need to be so stressful.  When you experience a loss, theft or damage, we send you a like-for-like replacement device by courier and then assist you to recover your services, apps and settings.  We aim to restore service as quickly as possible and then we resolve the repair process in the background while you retain our loan device for 10 days.  This service applies to corporate and BYO devices and it has literally saved the day for countless customers since 2008.

App Management

App management in a secure corporate environment is a complex process.  This applies to both ‘horizontal apps’ (productivity apps used by almost everyone in the enterprise) and to ‘vertical apps” that are specific to a subset of people in an enterprise such as a Patient Admission app in a hospital or a Docketing App for forestry services.

For example, multiple rounds of testing, wrapping and deployment may be required for each new release of an enterprise app.  Conversely, public apps may appear to be easier but they bring security and privacy risks that the enterprise may not be able to quantify and mitigate.

  • Enterprise app store management and administration of VPP (volume purchasing program) and app licenses
  • App Distribution (distribute apps via the enterprise app store, manage access groups and update apps as required)
  • Level 1 Support (installation, troubleshooting and incident management)
  • Level 2 Support (authentication, advanced troubleshooting & usage)
  • Release Management (planning, approval, wrapping, testing, rollout, communications & documentation)
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User Empowerment

With so many moving parts, mobile support is complex and increasingly important to keep mobile workers productive.

Our mobile service desk is your single point of contact for device procurement, provisioning, repairs, replacements and troubleshooting. We integrate with your IT service desk and procurement team and we can even provide onsite resources to be the mobility specialists in your IT team.

Externally we engage with the mobile network carriers, the major hardware vendors and local repair companies on your behalf and we leverage our independence to help you get the best value and service.

With Mobile Mentor, your employees are not just supported 24×7 – they are empowered to become true mobile workers. We provide one-to-one assistance with device setup, user preferences, and training to ensure you get a return on your mobility investment.

Deploying Mobility for 1 Million Users


Your users have access to our m.power app which gives them one-touch access to our support team, updates on the status of their open tickets and a fantastic reservoir of tips and tricks for the modern mobile worker.

Our support processes are streamlined for a mobile workforce and you have full visibility of our performance against SLAs. You can even see how your employees rate our performance through our live dashboards. Since 2004, we have achieved 95% satisfaction scores from over 1 million people served.

95% Customer Satisfaction

Since 2004 we have asked over 1,000,000 people to rate our service.  We are very proud of the fact that we have maintained a 95% satisfaction rating over the years in spite of a few blips.  Every user has the opportunity to rate us and these ratings are visible to our enterprise customers through the ZOOOOM platform.

12-month rolling customer satisfaction a government client

actual comments received from end users on a daily basis 

1% Cost Savings / Month

Managing mixed fleets is hard. Each mobile carrier has different price plans, data allowances, reporting tools, billing cycles and billing processes. Fortunately, Mobile Mentor is really good at managing mixed fleets.

Our independence from the mobile networks means we can integrate billing information from multiple networks to a data warehouse.  This means you receive a consistent set of reports and dashboards each month, regardless of which network(s) you use.  It also means that you no longer need to learn how to use network specific reporting tools to update cost centers and manage the distribution of reports.

Our team of mobile billing analysts work tirelessly to identify dormant connections, low usage, high data usage, premium SMS, billing errors, incorrect charges, missing credits and roaming. We proactively implement the changes on your billing account and report monthly on usage and spend so you can measure how well we are performing.

Since 2008, we have consistently delivered compounding savings of 1% per month for our clients.

Monthly declining over 15 months while data usage increases

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Mobile Expense Management

Individual Spend Report

Automated Reimbursement for Personal Spend

Personal Spend Management

Mobile data usage is growing about 80% annually in most enterprises and government entities. This often leads to excess charges for data overages, or more commonly, to wastage by committing to a pricing construct for more data than is actually needed.

Mobile Mentor monitors data usage daily, identifies which users are likely to exceed their usage allowance and take early action to avoid bill shock. The thresholds, timing and actions are jointly agreed during the service onboarding so we can act on your behalf.  This proactive monitoring enables us to take early action before a significant cost blow-out occurs.

For increased visibility we split personal usage from business usage and provide detailed reports to each user with an option for a voluntary reimbursement. This enables employees to make a discretionary contribution for their personal usage of a corporate / government mobile connection.

The reimbursement amount is deducted from the employee’s payroll and credited to the appropriate business unit. The process is fully automated and greatly improves transparency and accountability to avoid complications with fringe benefit tax etc.

Cost Center Reporting

We provide monthly reports to each business unit and each division within the business. These reports provide a roll-up of all the individuals associated with each cost center for that month.   People can be moved between cost centers as needed so that the cost center reports are accurate even during restructures and organisational changes.

Corporate Chargeback

The Cost Center Reports are often used for corporate charge-back in large enterprises. For example, each business unit in a government department can be allocated a share of the total mobile bill based on the actual usage and cost incurred by the people in that cost center during the month. The report shows the total business usage, personal usage and the amount that was reimbursed by the employees for personal usage.

Additional items, such as license fees and support costs can also be added to this charge-back model so it becomes the internal recharge mechanism for all mobile related costs.

ZOOOOM Mobile Asset Management


Our ZOOOOM portal and iPad app provides you unrivaled visibility of everything mobile:

  • Policy compliance
  • Security posture
  • Support activity

  • Cost analysis
  • User satisfaction
10 Questions on Enterprise Mobility

“We know we can rely on Mobile Mentor for outstanding support and management of our mobile users, devices and connections as well as their valuable input in our mobility strategy.”

Bryce Johnson, Ministry For Primary Industries