Your mobile environment changes daily.

Can you keep up?

Enforcing your policy, securing assets, controlling costs and supporting your users – today’s mobile environment is ever changing.

Mobile Mentor is 100% focused on supporting the mobile environment for enterprise & government. 

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Your employees will get mobile support, 24×7

There are a lot of moving parts for mobile workers, many need support around the clock. Now, your employees aren’t just supported 24/7 – they’re empowered to become true mobile workers. 

  • We integrate with your IT and procurement teams to create a unified, one-to-one support network. 

  • We’ll help get best value for mobile network carriers, hardware vendors and repair companies on your behalf. 

  • We provide one-to-one, one-touch assistance with device setup, user preferences and training to ensure you get a return on your mobility investment

Mobile Policy

You set your own rules

Your mobile policy is determined by you — we’ll just help along the way. Our team can assist policy development for multiple ownership models: 

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

  • COSU (Corporate Owned Shared Use)

  • COPE (Corporate Owned Personally Enabled)

If you need a little more, we provide templates, advice and processes that satisfy considerations for your departments, employees and unions. Our goal is to protect your assets and respect employee privacy. 

Once your policy is approved, we’ll enforce it through service design and management tools. Then, you can monitor on our ZooooM dashboards. 

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App Management

Whether an app is used by everyone or just one skilled group, we cover:

  • Enterprise app store management and administration of Apple Business Manager, Android Enterprise and app licenses

  • App Distribution (distribute apps via the enterprise app store, manage access groups and update apps as required)

  • Level 1 Support (installation, troubleshooting and incident management)

  • Level 2 Support (authentication, advanced troubleshooting & usage)

  • Release Management (planning, approval, wrapping, testing, rollout, communications & documentation)

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ZooooM displays everything you need to know

Our ZooooM portal provides unrivaled visibility for mobile policy, security, support, cost and user satisfaction. 

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ZOOOOM Mobile Asset Management

Every mobile asset, we’ll manage end-to-end

Our process let’s us manage physical devices, network connections and deployed apps efficiently.

So you can focus on productivity. 

  • We extend device life through procurement and provisioning with accessories.

  • We track and manage assets in our database for easy traceability. 

  • We secure erasure, expedite reallocation and facilitate end-of-life disposal. 

We’ll replace your devices quickly and efficiently

No stress. Whether loss, theft or damage, we deliver replacements to your door and help with any service recovery needed. Take pleasure in a loan device for 10 days, while we fix what’s broken – even for corporate and BYO devices. 

Say goodbye to endless reporting tools & hello to cost savings

  • We automatically monitor, identify heavy users and split personal from business usage

  • We deliver precise cost center reports, every month

  • We use a model that internally recharges for all your mobile related costs

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