The Start of Mobile Mentor was via a request from a business owner to setup a Nokia 9300 Smartphone

The quote below was in 2004, when setting up email required an SMTP and POP3 server, synchronisation required a special cable to connect with a PC running software from Nokia called PC Suite. It was hard work and few people took the time to read a manual or figure it out. Many people never did and so they used their smartphones for just calling and texting.

We created the Mentoring service to address this problem by providing 1 hour of personal assistance to configure and setup a personal profile on a new smartphone. It solved a need for that business owner in New Zealand and we saw how that person was able unlock the full potential of their smartphone.

We scaled the company to solve the same problem for 1 million people in Australia, Brazil, China and New Zealand. Our customers includes corporate executives, government entities, Prime Ministers and thousands of business owners, doctors and lawyers. Customers loved the service as they became empowered to do more with their mobile technology, be more productive at work and enjoy more apps and services in their private lives.

“All it would take is for someone to sit down with me for one hour. I tried myself, I got instructions from Vodafone, but it’s too hard”

Kathryn Anda, PEP Worldwide

Initially, the service was delivered face-to-face at all our international locations. Once we moved into Brazil and China, we started to deliver our service remotely to major cities outside our base of operations using remote access tools. In Australia, we took this a step further by developing online device guides for Telstra.

As the business grew, the mentoring service started to receive multiple awards and we eventually expanded the team to 250 passionate “mentors” serving over 10,000 clients each month and in 2008, we changed direction to focus on enterprise mobility and now we are leading provider of mobility services for large enterprise and government clients.

Some examples of the changes we have implemented:

To deliver our service to high value clients, we partnered with some of the largest mobile carriers in the world, including;