Can you answer these 10 questions about your enterprise mobility?

Mobile devices and mobile workers are often out of sight and out of mind.  It is genuinely difficult to know what is happening in enterprise mobility without logging into multiple systems to find the data (mobile networks, mobile security systems, service desk system etc.)

This was the problem Mobile Mentor aimed to solve with ZooooM.  The result is a unique tool that answers the 10 most important questions for every company investing in enterprise mobility.

Click on the questions in the boxes below to see how these questions can be answered through a single pane of glass using ZooooM. 

How many devices are enrolled?

This chart shows all devices enrolled per month, broken down by OS.  The view can be selected to show 1 month, 3 months or 15 months.  Other tabs show when devices were last seen by the system.

Which users are not compliant with our mobile security policy?

The “Compromised” tab shows 2 pie charts, one for devices compromised and the other for password compliance.  You can click on the chart to see a list of the users who are not compliant with policy.

How many support tickets are users raising each month?

The Case Volumes tab shows all tickets logged by the Mobile Mentor Service Desk.  Blue is new tickets created and black is tickets closed. You can click on any on of the bars to see the breakdown of ticket types.

What kind of support tickets are users generating?

The number of each ticket type can be viewed in cascading order over 1 month, 3 months or 15 months.

How is our service desk performing against SLA?

Service Desk performance KPIs are shown for a) ticket resolution within SLA, b) email response times and c) return to operation (when a user loses or breaks a device). 

How satisfied are the users with support service?

Approximately 20% of users rate the support service when a ticket is closed and this provides a good indication of user satisfaction with the support.  Our target is 95% which has been consistently achieved since 2004 with over 1 million users serviced.

How is our data usage tracking?

This chart shows a) Megabytes of data usage, b) Messages and c) Minutes of voice usage across all carriers with the total costs incurred each month. 

What is our average cost per user across different carriers?

This chart compares the total cost across multiple networks to track which carrier is providing the best value for money over time. 

Who are the top 10 data users?

The top 10 users by cost are displayed on this chart and the view can be toggled to show the top users by roaming charges, data or local usage. 

Who are the top 10 roamers?

The top 10 roamers can be identified from this chart with the corresponding spend per person.

ZooooM – Mobility Management

ZooooM is a window to your mobile environment.  It shows customers how well we are managing thier mobile assets;

  • Securing devices
  • Supporting users
  • Reducing costs
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