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Modern Endpoint Management


Tune into the video series to go from “Zero to Hero” on the principals of Modern Endpoint Management.

By watching, you’ll walk away with a fundamental understanding of the concepts of Zero Trust Architecture, Passwordless Authentication, Remote Support, Zero Touch Provisioning, Modern App Patching, and OS updates.

Adopting Zero Trust Architecture

In a modern work environment, Zero Trust moves you beyond VPNs and passwords and uses explicit verification to nullify breaches. By deploying a Zero Trust Architecture your group can benefit by saving time, costs, and ultimately prevent costly hacks.

In the video, topics covered include:

  • The major components of Zero Trust
  • The cost to implement Zero Trust
  • The immediate benefits of deploying Zero Trust

Harnessing Passwordless Authentication

“As the cyber landscape continues to become more complex, passwords simply can no longer be trusted. Embracing Passwordless Authentication allows groups to future-proof their environment while simultaneously enriching the experience of end-users. ”

— Terrence Brown, Modern Work and Security Engineer

The reality is that passwords are no longer secure enough in the current cyber climate. It is imperative that organizations and individuals embrace passwordless authentication in 2021 and beyond.

Maximizing Remote Support

Excellent remote support for remote workers is no longer an optional consideration for modern work, it is a necessary component to enable your team to be productive.

Watch the episode to learn:

  • Modern remote support capabilities
  • Advantageous remote support tools
  • Cost of setting up an effective remote support

The Benefits of Zero-Touch Provisioning

Zero-Touch Provisioning can remove the burden of time-consuming manual imaging for your IT team. By deploying Zero-Touch Provisioning you shorten your provisioning process from weeks to days and never have to physically touch a device.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The logistical problems Zero-Touch Provisioning solves
  • The immediate benefits of deploying Zero-Touch Provisioning
  • Costs associated with standing up Zero-Touch Provisioning

Deploying Modern App Patching

Modern App Patching allows you to push patches to applications for security vulnerabilities easily and over-the-air. By learning the modern methods of app patching, you can minimize the amount of time from when a security vulnerability is found in your business to when you can run the appropriate update.

In this episode:

  • Minimize the delay from the discovery of a vulnerability to fixing
  • How app patching closes the gap between bug and fix
  • The process to patch apps on a consistent basis

Leveraging OS Updates

“A recent analysis of 80 million vulnerabilities showed that 95% of those vulnerabilities targeted Windows OS. That being said, keeping our Windows machines up-to-date is critical in the current cyber landscape.”

— Bill Hamlin, Customer Success Lead

Learn the Building Blocks for Modern Endpoint Management Success by Watching the Full Series!

Putting together the building blocks to a successful Modern Endpoint Management program doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By viewing the entire series, you’ll learn the why new strategies in endpoint management are critical to your group’s security and employee experience and how you can achieve you goals.

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