Mobile Mentor’s Modern Workplace Accelerator provides an in depth analysis, report and summary of your current environment to help you reduce costs, improve security and unlock the full potential of your employees.

Endpoint Security

Is your corporate data at risk with BYOD?

According to Forrester, 20% of security breaches come from endpoints, yet most BYO devices are not securely managed.

Employee Experience

Will your employees still use paper in 2020?

Today’s employees want to be secure and productive anywhere and collaborate with digital technology to achieve more with less.

Let’s accelerate your journey to a Modern Workplace using Microsoft 365 for improved security and digital collaboration.

Engagement Outputs

  • We collaboratively define a roadmap for employee experience and endpoint security.
  • We build a feasibility assessment with required investments and expected benefits.
  • We present the findings and recommendations in a workshop with the key stakeholders.

Business Benefits

  1. Clear definition of your future employee experience with more mobility.
  2. Accelerated learning for endpoint security and digital collaboration
  3. Roadmap and feasibility assessment to leverage Microsoft 365
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“Very thorough, very impressive, and very helpful. I like that you summed it all up for us and it is very clear what our next steps are.

Excellent bang for the buck”

Matt-AbramsMatt Abrams - CIO, Cumberland Consulting Group

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