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If mobility is important to your business, it pays to have a dedicated 24/7 support service to look after your end-users, get expert help with technical queries, rapid replacement of faulty devices and reduced mobile spend.

Maximise mobile productivity.


Increase end-user satisfaction.

There are several factors that decide whether your IT function is successful. Happy end-users is one of them. Your users need expert support for their smartphones and tablets as they become the device of choice. In fact 12% of your users will need support each month and the complexity of support cases is increasing. Mobile Mentor provides total managed mobility services with expertise in all mobile platforms, direct access to all the major manufacturers and mobile networks and the ability to support your bespoke apps and mobile solutions.

“With exceptionally high first-call-resolution rates and the provision of loan devices, Mobile Mentor is giving us the mobile support we need to excel in our business.”  Bruce Gallie, COO, Colliers International

Optimise your mobile spend.

What gets measured gets managed. With our mobile expense management solution your users and cost centre managers will receive detailed visibility of their mobile spend. We also optimise your mobile spend by addressing user behaviour, optimising rate plans, identifying billing errors, mitigating roaming blowouts and claiming back personal spend. The result is greater visibility, reduced telco costs and transparency across your users every month.

“Mobile Mentor’s reporting system is very good – it is really easy to see at a glance how we are running through the month in terms of phone usage, cost and service.”  Mary Sokolic, Macquarie Bank

Embrace BYOD fully.

Mobile Device Management is a great start to your BYOD strategy but it is not enough. Some of the considerations that are often overlooked in a BYOD program are the issues of multi-device/ multi-OS user support and personal mobile spend. By engaging our Managed Mobility Services you can provide your users with expert technical support on any device, swap faulty devices with an appropriate loan device and keep tabs on personal spend on corporate call & data plans.

Want to maximise your users’ productivity?