Discover how to ensure your BYOD program is a success!

In this guide, you will learn strategies to select the right tiered trust model, streamline for security and user experience, and quickly build consensus from key stakeholders.

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  • How to successfully roll out a BYOD program unique to your business

  • Create Balanced BYOD Policy Guidelines

  • Determine Your Tiered Trust Model

  • Establish the Right Method of Management

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Learn best practices to secure hybrid workers with personal devices.

When done well, BYOD can be empowering. It grants businesses the ability to secure company data on personal devices while assuring employees that their privacy is respected. A good BYOD program helps companies to attract talent and motivate employees to work longer hours.

There are ways to reduce the BYOD risk without managing the employee’s device.

It requires three inter-linked strategies:

  • A thoughtful approach to the BYOD policy to achieve broad consensus

  • Careful selection of the appropriate technical controls with a tiered trust model

  • Messaging that explicitly addresses employee privacy together with data security