Mobile Mentor secures and supports the modern hybrid workforce with endpoint management through Microsoft 365.

We understand the modern hybrid workforce

Do you have ‘knowledge workers’ across multiple locations, using a wide range of applications, on various devices, (including BYO devices)? That sounds a lot like our team at Mobile Mentor.

Are you worried about keeping your employees secure and productive? With Mobile Mentor as your MSP, you can be assured that all your devices will be secure, your applications will be patched and your employees will be supported like we support our own.


We leverage the Microsoft 365 security suite to secure all your devices, patch your applications, and provide world-class support to your employees.


  1. Design and deploy Microsoft Azure AD, Intune, Autopilot and Defender
  2. Maintain security policies, device profiles and compliance rules
  3. Support your employees for optimum productivity


Intune for Windows

Manual imaging of Windows machines zapped the energy of IT professionals for 20 years. Now you can leverage Microsoft Intune and Autopilot for zero touch provisioning. Eliminate imaging and patch management forever.

Passwordless Authentication

Your employees are burdened with a growing list of passwords they have to manage. Be their hero and eliminate passwords by embracing biometrics, SSO, MFA, and Conditional Access. If you have E3 licenses, we can help you get started on this exciting journey.

Modern Endpoint Management

Keeping up with all the changes in the endpoint ecosystem is impossible. Mobile Mentor provides a managed service to do your provisioning, updates, patching and tech support. It’s like having a team of Microsoft-certified engineers on your team for a fraction of the cost.


When you have Microsofts’ partner of the year as an extension to your IT team, you can:

  • Improve security for all devices and applications
  • Lower IT costs by fully leveraging your Microsoft licenses
  • Delight your employees with expert support

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Hear from our customers


“It’s so much more efficient and faster in how it does stuff. It’s not group policies, then reboot and wait for a policy to deploy. It’s much simpler. It’s really about leveraging configuration policies.”

– Chris Reaves, Director of IT, Lee Company

Getting Started

Leverage our team of certified engineers to help you balance endpoint security and employee experience for your staff.

The rate of technology change is overwhelming. Everybody is on a steep learning curve to secure and support the mobile workforce. You don’t need to do it all alone when you can have a Mentor.

Mobile Mentor is a Microsoft 2021 partner of the year, and our engineers are also certified by Apple and Google. You are in safe hands.

SeaLink Leverages Kiosk Mode on Tablets to Deliver Critical Information to Luxury Coach Drivers

The Australian-based transportation company, SeaLink had a distinct need to move corporate resources securely onto tablets SeaLink drivers operate a fleet of luxury coaches and need real-time information presented in a safe and secure manner.

Mitre 10 makes the switch to Microsoft Intune and Zero Touch Provisioning

Mitre 10 was looking to leverage their Microsoft Intune environment to secure and manage Microsoft Surface devices using modern management and zero-touch provisioning technology. Mitre 10 had a good existing process but wanted to explore the latest device management capabilities included in their Microsoft 365 licenses to see what could be achieved.

Driver Group uses Android Tablets and MobileIron for School Ticketing of Student Travellers

Driver Group wanted a way to allow drivers to perform online tickets with student travellers. Driver needed a way to inform drivers of students to be collected, provide electronic boarding information and manifest, and do so in a secure, centrally managed manner.


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Mobile Mentor is Microsoft’s 2021 Partner of the Year for Endpoint Management. Our engineers are certified by Microsoft, Apple and Google.

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