Windows 365 Pilot Program

Want to Trial Windows 365?

The Windows 365 pilot and trial licenses are funded by Microsoft for eligible clients. Click here to see if you are eligible.

Windows 365 is a modern cloud PC solution for companies who have one or more of these scenarios:

  • temporary workers using personal PCs
  • aging hardware fleets
  • people traveling to high-risk countries
  • rapid onboarding of new employees
  • disaster recovery / cyber recovery
  • M&A integration

Read more about Windows 365 Cloud PC here.

Temporary Workers with BYO Laptops

Provisioning and shipping temporary machines for contractors, consultants, travelers, and interns is not practical, but you may want these people to work inside your Microsoft tenant.

AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) is a great solution, but unless you have engineers with Azure skills, AVD can be overly complex.

In the absence of a solution, contractors could be accessing your tenant from unsecured personal laptops. Or perhaps they use Dropbox and Gmail to collaborate with your company.

Windows 365 Cloud PC is the Answer!

The good news is that Windows 365 is easy to deploy and manage in Intune. And it has a simple pay-as-you-go model which is perfect for many use cases.

See Windows 365 pricing options here

What to Expect:

If you qualify, the Windows 365 Pilot is delivered by Mobile Mentor and follows three steps over a couple of weeks:

  1. Assessment with your IT team to understand your environment and use-cases
  2. Set-up and configuration of Windows 365 in your Intune environment with licenses for a small group of trial users
  3. Evaluation of the user experience, and education for the IT team on best practices

Improve Security for your contractors and consultants (no need for Dropbox or Gmail)

Manage costs by provisioning Windows 365 only for the time you actually need it

Empower users by right-sizing their session to suit the nature of their work

“We are entrusted with a lot of very private and personal information from our patients and students, so we have a big responsibility and Mobile Mentor made sure our program was secured.”

Andrew Hutchinson, CISO, Vanderbilt University

Funded by Microsoft for Qualifying Businesses

Apply now to see if you qualify for a funded pilot with free trial licenses.

Embrace hybrid work with Windows 365

Hybrid work presents many challenges that Windows 365 can solve!

You can now deliver a secure Windows experience to hybrid workers and pass your next cyber-security audit.

Learn how to deploy and manage the exciting new solution from the team at Mobile Mentor.


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