Windows App Management & Patching

Elevate your business’ operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and bolster overall security with
Windows App Management and Patching.

How are you keeping up with application patching?


Our team takes care of all your Windows application patching, within agreed SLAs and provides you with compliance status reports.

All your applications have vulnerabilities. Vendors are racing to identify the bugs and fix them before the bad guys can exploit them.

Some applications are patched automatically but others need manual work – which gets deferred when your IT team is busy.

Unpatched applications leave the door open, leading to security breaches, data leaks and ransomware attacks that costs millions.

Increase security for your business, reallocate IT resources and lower your cyber insurance premiums with full service Windows app management and patching services.


Application Patching as a Managed Service for your business

Here is how it works:

  1. Our engineers analyze your application inventory
  2. We submit a patching plan with SLAs for your approval
  3. You grant us access to your environment
  4. We configure automated patching where possible
  5. We implement the process for manual application patching
  6. We patch all Windows applications within agreed SLAs
  7. We work with your team to resolve technical issues
  8. You receive a dashboard showing the compliance status
  9. You receive a monthly patch report highlighting risks
  10. We provide an annual report for your cyber insurance

What you’ll get with Windows App Management and Patching

Increased security for your business

A more productive IT team

Lower Cyber Insurance premiums

“Technology is changing so quickly that my leaders, architects, and engineers can’t keep it up with it all. Bringing in a niche expert like Mobile Mentor allows us to learn from their expertise.”

Jim Yukech, CIO, Youngstown State University


Starting at

$2 per month

Volume discounts available.

Price varies based on complexity and volume.

Avoid getting hacked by keeping up with critical application patching

Doing the basics well is the key to securing your business. OS updates, endpoint management and vulnerability scanning are non-negotiables in today’s environment. Unfortunately, application patching is often deferred and not part of a routine process.

Mobile Mentor is a Microsoft Gold partner, and our engineers are certified by Microsoft, Apple and Google. You are in safe hands.


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Mobile Mentor is Microsoft’s 2021 Partner of the Year for Endpoint Management. Our engineers are certified by Microsoft, Apple and Google.

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