Accelerate your journey to a modern workplace

The 365 Accelerator is an assessment and technology planning service for Microsoft 365.

Our architects provide a technology roadmap and detailed action plan to extract maximum value from your investment in Microsoft 365.

This is a 4-week engagement during which our Principal Consultant and 2 Architects get to know your business and understand your challenges through a series of interviews and workshops.

We then develop a technology roadmap and detailed action plan to extract maximum value from your investment in Microsoft 365.

365 Accelerator is roadmap to fully leveraging your Microsoft 365 licenses

Denis O’Shea, founder of Mobile Mentor, explains how the 365 accelerator gives you the tools to drive Microsoft 365 adoption. From a roadmap, to financial model, to a vision, we work with you to build a plan that is designed for your business and your unique needs.


Few Companies Take Full Advantage of their existing Microsoft 365 Licenses

Moving production workloads to the cloud can be scary. And changing the way people work is always challenging. To be successful, IT leaders need buy-in from the business stakeholders and the end-users.

Without a full commitment, many companies only use a fraction of the capability in Microsoft 365, so they are effectively paying twice – once for all the legacy technology and twice for the unused Microsoft licenses. Sadly, we see this every day.

The good news is that the 365 Accelerator defines a vision of the modern workplace with a technology roadmap and detailed action plan to get everyone’s buy-in.

Become a Modern Workplace, Faster

Our proven process is:

  1. Assessment through interviews with key people across the company
  2. Draft a deployment roadmap and detailed action plan
  3. Interactive workshops to validate and refine the recommendations

You’ll receive these outcomes:

  1. Articulation of a vision that creates alignment and excitement
  2. 3-phase deployment roadmap and action plan for Microsoft 365
  3. Identification of cost-saving opportunities and productivity gains

Over the past 16 years Mobile Mentor has empowered over 1 million people to be more secure AND more productive with technology.

Our secret sauce is balancing endpoint security and employee experience – we will help you find the right balance for your organization.

“Very thorough, very impressive, and very helpful. I like that you summed it all up for us and it is very clear what our next steps are. Excellent bang for the buck.”

Matt Abrams, CIO, Cumberland Consulting Group



Price includes discovery interviews, analysis, and presentation of recommendations.

Case Study

The University of Tennessee balances security and employee experience with 365 Accelerator

Maximize Your Microsoft 365 Return

The 365 Accelerator is an excellent investment as you get the collective experience of a security architect, a solutions architect and a principle consultant focused on your business.

We offer two optional add-ons with this service:

  1. A detailed financial analysis showing the impact of removing legacy technology and over-lapping products.
  2. An employee impact assessment to determine how the Microsoft 365 apps and services will improve employee productivity.

Our experience will save your time and help avoid common mistakes.

If you engage us to help with some of the implementation, we will credit 50% of the assessment cost towards our implementation services.


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