The Endpoint Ecosystem Study

Original research uncovering how employees are actually using devices in highly regulated industries.

2024 Endpoint Ecosytem Study

New insights exploring the behaviors of hybrid employees in the modern workforce.

The landscape of work has evolved significantly in recent years, with hybrid work becoming the new norm. In light of this shift, the 2024 Endpoint Ecosystem study by Mobile Mentor, now in its second iteration, has unveiled critical findings highlighting the necessity for employers to prioritize a balance between security measures and employee experience to enhance productivity, security, and sustainability in hybrid work environments.

Key trends discovered in the 2024 Endpoint Ecosystem Study

  • People feel more productive and do their best work in an office
  • Security is getting in the way and people are finding workarounds
  • Priorities have changed and people care most about personal well-being

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2022 Endpoint Ecosytem Study

Insights into why companies are getting hacked, employees are resigning, and the battle for talent is intensifying.

Employers are investing in cyber security initiatives, but as the workforce become increasingly distributed and autonomous, employers simply aren’t keeping up.

This inaugural study of The Endpoint Ecosystem explores how employees perceive privacy, security, productivity and personal well-being in the modern workplace.

The goal of the study is to educate and inform employers how to prevent security breaches, and then how to attract and retain motivated employees.

Sample trends discovered in the 2022 Endpoint Ecosystem Study

  • Workers are routinely using unregulated apps (gmail, drop box, etc.) for work activities that may contain sensitive data.
  • 36% of workers admit to finding ways to work around secuirty policies.
  • 73% of employees values their personal privacy over company security.
  • Remote workers require almost double the time than their Counterparts in the office to set-up their devices.