Workspace ONE (AirWatch) to Intune Migration Plan

Leverage our proven process to seamlessly move from Workspace ONE to Intune. Unlock the full potential of Intune’s advanced features, seamless integration with Microsoft 365, and robust security protocols.

Do you have a plan to successfully migrate from Airwatch to Intune?

Microsoft Intune has reached maturity and is a clear leader in the Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for Unified Endpoint Management.

Many businesses are exploring their options for migrating their existing Workspace ONE platform to Intune.

Our migration plan gives you a roadmap, a timeline, and best practices to migrate from Workspace ONE to Intune.

We assess your Workspace ONE environment, identify gaps and dependencies, and then create a tailored migration plan. You will receive a deployment roadmap, timeline, and best practice guide for user communication.

Migrating to Intune requires that you reconsider your security policies, device management profiles, and compliance rules. You also need to consider the impact to employees and contractors.

A poor migration could wipe all the data from your employees’ devices or might require your employees to manually enroll into a new device. A poor migration experience will certainly frustrate users and waste time.


A good migration plan will ensure you are successful

Our MDM Migration Plan is based on this proven process:

  1. Discovery Workshop to understand your use cases, review your security policies, device profiles and compliance rules
  2. Migration Plan with deployment roadmap, timeline and best practices for user communication
  3. Planning Workshop to discuss the draft plan, dive into technical issues and map out the first phase in detail.

Successful MDM migrations start with a solid plan that anticipates the impact on your employees and ensures there are no surprises.

The result will be improved security and a better user experience.


If you’d like to see a typical Scope for our migration workshop, click the link below.

Get a guide for your MDM Migration

MDM Migrations are stressful. You’re tasked with moving devices from one technology to another and making the entire exercise as seamless as possible. Users aren’t technical and get lost easily, senior leadership often time doesn’t understand the complexity.

Download The Guide

“Very thorough, very impressive, and very helpful. I like that you summed it all up for us and it is very clear what our next steps are. Excellent bang for the buck.”

Matt Abrams, CIO, Cumberland Consulting Group



Price includes workshops, delivery of findings and recommendations, and our best practice guide for user communications.

Case Study

ILC Dover adopts Intune for Windows and iOS

ILC Dover are engineers at their core and they develop innovative flexible containment solutions – including spacesuits! ILC Dover wanted to check their existing iOS Intune setup and wanted to pilot Intune for managing their Windows device fleet.

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Avoid a failed migration, frustrated employees and lost credibility by proactively planning your migration with an industry expert.

Switching to a JAMF can reduce costs, increase security, and improve your user experience, but it needs to be done right.

Since 2004, Mobile Mentor has helped with countless migrations between all the major JAMF technologies, most recently helping customers to move to Microsoft Intune.

Mobile Mentor is a Microsoft Gold partner, and our engineers are certified by JAMF, Apple and Google. You are in safe hands.

Learn more about going from Airwatch to Intune

Hear Kevin King, Principal Enterprise Platform Architect of Vanderbilt University Medical Center discuss the investment of moving from Airwatch to Intune.


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Mobile Mentor is Microsoft’s 2021 Partner of the Year for Endpoint Management. Our engineers are certified by Microsoft, Apple and Google.

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