Manage Your Macs with Microsoft Intune

Foster productivity, compliance, and a seamless integration of macOS devices in your business with Intune for macOS.

Intune for MacOs is a configuration service that enables you to effectively manage corporate and personal devices

Macs have been a thorn in the side of IT for many years. With Intune for macOS, not only will your Mac Devices be fully managed, but your employees will enjoy out-of-the box fully configured devices.

Your employees’ personal and corporate Mac devices need to protect sensitive data without invading the personal privacy on their device.

With Intune for macOS, you’ll gain access to management profiles and configurations that will simplify your environment. Additionally, Apple Business Manager (or Apple School Manager) can be integrated so you and your team can support zero-touch provisioning.


Transform the Way Macs are provisioned, updated and managed

Your Mac devices can be seamlessly managed in the same place you manage your Windows Devices.

Our proven, three-step process is

  1. Design – We design profiles and configurations in Microsoft Intune for both corporate and personal use cases.

  2. Implement – We integrate Apple Business / School Manager so you can leverage features for zero touch provisioning and implement Microsoft Intune for macOS.

  3. Transfer Knowledge – We deliver best practices, guidance and training sessions with your Intune administrators so you can take over with confidence.

Increased visibility and actionable insights

With Intune for macOS, you’ll be able to take advantage of Endpoint Analytics. Get insights on compliant devices, scores on device health, and actions to take. Get the visibility you’ve always wanted for all your devices in a single pane of glass.

Gain the modern management capabilities you need with Intune for macOS

For your corporate devices, every aspect of the lifecycle can be performed remotely, from the initial out-of-box experience to the recycle bin at end-of-life. Your System Admins never need to see or touch a device that is managed by Intune.

Your Macs iPads are enabled for remote set-up with Zero-Touch Provisioning

OS and applications are automatically updated remotely

Cloud based policies, profiles and compliance rules are enabled for all MacOS devices.

“This is a huge breakthrough for us, we are thrilled and will now migrate 1,000 devices to Modern Management with Intune.”
Kyle Rucker: Director of Information Technology, Alive Hospice




(Limited to companies with 300 employees or fewer)

  • Zero Touch Provisioning

  • OS Updating Deployed

  • Office 365 Apps Deployed

  • Adobe Reader Deployed

  • Up to 3 Apps Deployed

  • Intune Company Portal Configured

  • Knowledge Transfer

  • Migration Guide



  • All Core Features, Plus…

  • Analysis of Current Base Build

  • Custom ‘Golden Profile’ Design

  • Up to 10 Apps Deployed

  • Biometric Authentication Policies

  • Migration Workshop

  • As-Built Documentation




  • All Custom Features, Plus…

  • Technical Discovery of All Use Cases

  • Technical Design for All Use Cases

  • Design Iteration and Review Workshop

  • Phased Implementation with Pilots

  • Build Approval and Sign off

  • Multi-Phase Knowledge Transfer

  • Migration Planning

  • 20% Discount on 12 months of support

Get more when you bundle

Our Intune for macOS package can be bundled with any other Intune package. With a bundle, you’ll receive 15% off for each additional package sold.


Watercare Migrates Fleet of Shared iPads from JAMF to Intune

In early 2020 the group was working to modernize their entire IT environment. A component to this project was to effectively enroll a fleet of shared iPads into an efficient and manageable MDM platform- Microsoft Intune.

Don’t ignore macOS devices

Traditional IT security has been focused on Windows devices, but the way work gets done has changed. You need a security strategy that addresses corporate and personal devices for more than just Windows products.

As a Microsoft Gold partner, Mobile Mentor helps organizations like you get the most out of Microsoft Intune and modern endpoint management so your IT team can focus on innovation.


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