Mobile Mentor is a Microsoft Service Partner in Education

We help universities and schools manage all their devices and empower faculty, staff and students with Microsoft 365 mobile device management (MDM) — plus, we provide world-class support.


Educators have more devices to support, more software to manage and more security and privacy issues to consider. They don’t have enough resources to do it all and can’t afford to hire more IT people.

Inevitably, security gets a bit neglected, software doesn’t get patched on time and end users are left to their own devices, literally.

You are not alone. Mobile Mentor is passionate about education and we can help by augmenting your IT team with our engineering team.


Here are 3 ways we help our education clients with their technology:

  1. Assess and plan the optimal deployment of Microsoft 365
  2. Implement Intune and configure modern management
  3. Provide advice and support for Intune device management


365 Accelerator

Get maximum value from your investment in Microsoft 365 with a current status analysis, roadmap, and vision for what you can achieve with the capabilities of Microsoft 365.

Intune for Windows

Manage all of your Windows devices in Microsoft Intune. Analyze your GPOs, design appropriate policies, profiles, and compliance rules, and configure your Microsoft 365 environment.

Endpoint Support

Get ongoing support for questions on Intune and other technologies. Give your IT administrators access to a Microsoft certified engineer and a Microsoft Gold Partner.


Having a Microsoft 2021 partner of the year as an extension to your team lets you

  • Reduce IT costs with modern management for all devices
  • Manage all devices and software updates with Intune
  • Delight educators and students with the depth of support

Learn More

  1. Learn about local admin access for Azure Active Directory joined devices.
  2. Learn about off-campus software updates in 5 minutes.
  3. Watch the CISO of The University of Tennessee talk about Zero-Touch Provisioning.

Our Passion

Why we choose to work in the education sector.

Hear Denis O’Shea speak to why we are passionate about working with the education sector.

Why we care about the process and why we care about the outcomes.

Hear from our customers


“I really appreciate you taking this balanced approach to security and user experience. We cannot take a heavy-handed approach to security, that simply won’t work, we need to be very deliberate and ensure we take everyone on the journey.”

– Joel Reeves: CIO

Getting Started

Leverage our team of certified engineers to help you balance endpoint security and employee experience for your staff.

The rate of technology change in education is overwhelming. Everybody is on a steep learning curve to secure and support the mobile workforce. You don’t need to do it all alone when you can have a Mentor.

Mobile Mentor is a Microsoft 2021 partner of the year, and our engineers are also certified by Apple and Google. You are in safe hands.


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Mobile Mentor is Microsoft’s 2021 Partner of the Year for Endpoint Management. Our engineers are certified by Microsoft, Apple and Google.

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