Mobile Mentor is a Microsoft Service Partner in Government

We help local, state and central governments secure all their devices, apps and data through state-of-the-art mobile device management (MDM) and bring your own device (BYOD) programs — plus, we provide world-class support.


Government agencies were already under attack before COVID-19 and bad actors are now targeting vulnerable employees working remotely.

Too much security compromises employee productivity. Too little security compromises the entire agency. Finding the balance can be difficult.

Mobile Mentor helps Government agencies to balance endpoint security with employee experience by leveraging existing Microsoft 365 licenses.


Here are 3 ways we help our Government clients with their technology:

  1. Planning the deployment of Microsoft 365 on all devices and users
  2. Design and implement security policies, profiles and compliance rules
  3. Provide ongoing advice and support for the Intune ecosystem


365 Accelerator

Get maximum value from your investment in Microsoft 365 with a current status analysis, roadmap, and vision for what you can achieve with the capabilities of Microsoft 365.

Intune for Windows

Design and Implement your ‘golden profile’ and start using Microsoft Intune to manage your Windows 10 devices. Eliminate imaging and patch management forever.

Endpoint Support

Get ongoing support for questions on Intune and other technologies. Give your IT administrators access to a Microsoft certified engineer and a Microsoft Gold Partner.


Having a Microsoft 2021 partner of the year and Government certified partner as an extension to your IT team lets you

  • Reduce IT costs with modern management for all devices
  • Manage all devices and software updates with Intune
  • Delight your employees with expert technical support

Learn More

  1. Read our modern endpoint management whitepaper.
  2. Watch our video series to learn about Zero Trust and Zero Touch.
  3. Follow our Mobile Mentor account to stay up to date.

Our Passion

Why we choose to work in the government sector.

Hear Denis O’Shea speak to why we are passionate about working with the government sector.

Why we care about the process and why we care about the outcomes.

Hear from our customers


“Following successful solution delivery and end user migration, Mobile Mentor is now a trusted partner providing solution support, technical services, and advice for ongoing management of NZ Customs mobile phone fleet.”

– Brendon McMullan: Office 365 Migration Programme Manager

Getting Started

Leverage our team of certified engineers to help you balance endpoint security and employee experience for your staff.

The rate of technology change in government is overwhelming. Everybody is on a steep learning curve to secure and support the mobile workforce. You don’t need to do it all alone when you can have a Mentor.

Mobile Mentor is a Microsoft 2021 partner of the year, and our engineers are also certified by Apple and Google. You are in safe hands.

New Zealand Department of Conservation – mobility for a nationwide workforce

DOC selected Mobile Mentor to develop and implement a 3-year strategy and roadmap for the deployment of mobile technology across the organisation.

Securing NZ Customs Service mobile endpoints

Leveraging Microsoft Intune, Office 365 and Conditional Access NZCS has been able to secure their mobile endpoints and allow them to connect to their email from any location.

MPI – A fully outsourced mobile solution

Mobile Mentor delivers a full suite of services to MPI as its mobility partner.


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Mobile Mentor is Microsoft’s 2021 Partner of the Year for Endpoint Management. Our engineers are certified by Microsoft, Apple and Google.

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