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Are you looking for local IT support in Gold Coast?

You’ve come to the right place. Mobile Mentor is Microsoft’s global partner of the year and works with local communities in Queensland.

Since 2004, we have been trusted by thousands of clients in healthcare, government, education, commercial and nonprofit sectors. Our managed service enables your business to maximize value from your investment in Microsoft 365.

Balancing security and user experience

Every business is under attack and cybercrime is out of control. But retaining and empowering your employees is also a big challenge. You know that too much security will compromise staff productivity and too little security will compromise your whole business. So, how do find the right balance?

Our specialization is balancing security and user experience with Microsoft 365, so your company is safer and your employees are more productive.

We make security invisible by:

Mobile Mentor Team

We make people productive by:

With Mobile Mentor as your IT partner in Gold Coast you will:

  • Strengthen your security posture

  • Improve your employee experience

  • Reduce cost and risk

Our customers are our success stories.

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