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for Endpoint Management

Mobile Mentor is the leader for Intune Deployment

Design and Build Intune the Right Way

You’re busy and don’t have time for trial and error. Endpoint management is tricky, and you want to have Intune configured by an expert, with industry best practices.

You want the Intune platform to be fully configured so you can confidently enroll, manage and secure all your endpoints in Intune.

Mobile Mentor is the leader in Intune deployment. Fast track your Intune implementation with Microsoft’s Partner of the Year so you can confidently enroll, manage and secure all your endpoints with ease.

Design and Build Services for Intune:

Our 5 Step Process

You’ve Come to the Right Place

Did you know that Mobile Mentor is Microsoft’s 2021 Partner of the Year for Modern Endpoint Management? You can choose from a range of service options to design and configure Intune for Windows, Macs, iPads, and smartphones, including your employees’ BYO devices.

You can also rely on us for migration support to ensure your end-users are safely migrated to Intune and with a positive experience.

Intune for Windows

You can embrace ‘modern endpoint management’ by managing your Windows machines with Microsoft Intune. No more GPOs, images, packages.

You can automatically provision new devices with Autopilot, update the OS remotely and patch applications over-the-air.

These 3 capabilities improve security, enhance the user experience and save time for IT.

Intune for iOS and iPadOS

Your employees’ personal Apple devices need to protect sensitive data without invading the personal privacy on their device.

With Intune for iOS, you’ll gain access to management profiles and configurations that will simplify your environment.

Additionally, Apple Business Manager (or Apple School Manager) can be integrated so you and your team can support Zero-Touch provisioning.

Good migrations build trust

You’re ready to move to Intune, and you know that migrations are very challenging, and you need to get it right.

From planning, user comms, enrollment guides, user support, and change management – you know everything needs to line up correctly for your migration to succeed.

You are in safe hands
with Mobile Mentor

Mobile Mentor has helped over 1,000,000 people with device set-up and migration.

We’re Microsoft’s 2021 Global Partner of the Year for Modern Endpoint Management and our engineers are also certified by VMware, Apple, and Google.

We understand how important it is to take your end-users on the journey and ensure their migration experience is positive and preserves the trust relationship with IT.

You can protect Office 365 data on BYO devices

BYOD 365 is an elegant solution to protect your Office 365 data on unmanaged devices- without compromising the device owner’s personal privacy. Research shows that 80% of employees care more about their personal privacy than corporate security (

Our BYOD 365 service provides a policy that balances company security and employee privacy, implemented as a set of technical controls via Intune. Finally, you can sleep knowing that there is security for O365 data on devices that are outside your purview.

Learn more about the Journey to Modern Endpoint Management

Hear from Denis O’Shea, Founder of Mobile Mentor, discuss the Journey of Modern Endpoint Management as he walks you through the steps and considerations along the way. As well as how these new capabilities enable your company to reduce costs, increase security, and improve your employee experience.


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Mobile Mentor is Microsoft’s 2021 Partner of the Year for Endpoint Management. Our engineers are certified by Microsoft, Apple and Google.

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