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We believe mobile technology will ultimately transform many aspects of the healthcare industry and significantly improve how care is delivered.

Mobile Mentor is passionate about the positive impact of mobile technology on healthcare outcomes and we are proud to be making a meaningful impact through our work.

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Legacy Applications

Most hospitals have hundreds of legacy desktop applications that don’t have modern web interfaces and APIs that facilitate the development of mobile apps.

Mobile Mentor can transform these legacy applications into modern mobile apps.

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Apps for Clinicians

Anyone can build a simple app, but building a fully integrated app, that is HIPAA compliant and deployed securely to clinicians’ devices – is a difficult process.

Mobile Mentor develops, secures and supports apps for clinical workers. Our app developers and security engineers work side-by-side to ensure there is security in every layer of the stack.

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App Management

Most mobile devices have 60 – 90 public apps and each one is updated monthly, introducing new vulnerabilities and risks. These risks are generally not understood and managed until it is too late.

Mobile Mentor takes care of the enterprise app store, DEP, VPP, app wrapping deployment, testing and troubleshooting of your enterprise apps.

Mobility Management

Mobile Policy

Mobile policy needs to balancing security, cost and user experience. Mobile policies and guidelines are needed for BYO devices, shared devices and corporate devices.

Mobile Mentor provide mobile policy templates and facilitate the policy development process for hospitals and rest home operators by engaging with IT, HR, Finance and the users.

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Doctors have been using their personal devices since the iPhone was released in 2007. In many cases, these BYO devices are insecure and unmanaged and the hospital has little ability to enforce the appropriate security controls.

Mobile Mentor provides BYOD policy advice and mobile security solutions to protect the device, the apps and patient data – regardless of device ownership. We work with Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and MobileIron.

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Shared Devices

Shared devices are popular in the nursing profession and this require thoughtful solutions to address challenges with provisioning, authentication, security and asset management.

Mobile Mentor assists with the security policies, deployment process and support model for shared device projects.

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Mobile Strategy

Mobile technology is a game changer in healthcare but a good mobility strategy is needed to identify the highest value use-cases, the right security model and ensure resources are focused on the right priorities.

Mobile Mentor works with healthcare providers to develop a mobility strategy through our unique 2020 Mobility process. The 2020 process has been used by many large healthcare providers to build a matrix of use-cases, deployment roadmap and a supporting business case.

2020 Mobility

Mobile Expense Management

Mobile data usage continues to grow at 80% p.a. and personal usage of corporate mobile plans is a grey area that needs better tools, rules and processes.

Mobile Mentor systematically reduces mobile costs and provides increased transparency through our automated reimbursement and reconciliation model for cost center managers.

Mobile Expense Management
24x7 service

Mobility Management

Managing mobile devices, connections, apps and mobile security platforms is not core business for healthcare providers. Without the right tools, skills and experience this often results in a compromised user experience.

Mobile Mentor provides 24×7 mobile service desk with clinical grade SLAs e.g. 30 second response time and 1 hour rapid replacement of lost. stolen and broken devices.

Mobility Management

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