Mobile Mentor is a Microsoft Service Partner in Healthcare

We help healthcare providers secure all their devices, apps and data with HIPAA complaint mobile device management (MDM) and bring your own device (BYOD) programs — plus, we provide world-class support with clinical-grade SLAs.


BYOD prevails in healthcare and providers struggle to balance their security requirements with the privacy expectation of clinicians who use their own devices, potentially working across multiple practices.

Too much security annoys clinicians. Too little security puts patient records at risk. This dilemma has become a chronic pain point.

The good news is that Mobile Mentor has helped many providers cure this ailment by balancing data security and privacy for BYOD users.


Here are 3 ways we help our healthcare clients with their technology:

  1. Assess and plan the deployment of Microsoft 365 for all users
  2. Design and implement policies, profiles and rules for BYOD
  3. Provide ongoing advice and support for the Intune ecosystem


Intune for Windows

Mange all of your Windows devices in Microsoft Intune. Analyze your GPOs, design appropriate policies, profiles and compliance rules and configure your Microsoft 365 environment.

BYOD 365

Your Clinical staff need information on the go and expect to work from smartphones as easily as computers. BYOD 365 for Healthcare balances security with personal privacy to ensure success.

Endpoint Support

Most System Admins are familiar with traditional tools like Config Manager but not so familiar with Intune. Empower your IT team by using Mobile Mentor’s technical support and advisory service.


Having a Microsoft 2021 partner of the year as an extension to your team lets you

  • Reduce IT costs with modern management for all devices
  • Manage all devices and software updates with Intune
  • Delight clinicians with expert technical support

Learn More

Learn about Zero Trust with this 5 minute video and blog.

Read about the latest privacy tools for BYOD.

Delight your clinicians with passwordless authentication.

Our Passion

Why we choose to work in the healthcare sector.

Hear Denis O’Shea speak to why we are passionate about working with the healthcare sector.

Why we care about the process and why we care about the outcomes.

Hear from our customers

“Working with Mobile Mentor was a great experience. The fact that you have done this before and could guide us on what works, and what doesn’t work, based on experience with others, was really great.”

— Andrew Hutchinson, CISO, VUMC


“This has been nothing short of amazing for us and the patients in our care. We are very grateful for the donation that made this possible. Also, working with Mobile Mentor has been terrific, and we are excited to move forward to the next step of our technology journey.”

– Kyle Rucker: Director of Information Technology

Getting Started

Our planning and assessment services start at just $4,900 and our technical support services start at $590 per month.

Don’t risk clinical productivity or patient data when you can leverage our team of certified engineers to help with endpoint security.

The rate of technology change in healthcare is overwhelming. 2020 was a transformative year and we saw 4 years of digital transformation in 4 months. Everybody is on a steep learning curve, but you don’t need to do it all alone when there are affordable support options.

Mobile Mentor is a Microsoft 2021 partner of the year, and our engineers are also certified by Apple and Google. You are in safe hands.

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Words of wisdom

Hear Kevin King, Principal Enterprise Platform Architect of Vanderbilt University Medical Center share advice to medical centers embarking on a Modern Endpoint Management journey.

Industry Case Studies

Dropping the Pager: How Modern Device Management Supports Healthcare

In 2017 CCHDB approached Mobile Mentor to assist them with moving beyond their legacy pager system. CCDHB wanted to use smartphones to access a clinical paging system that leverages modern communication and cloud technology. With Mobile Mentor’s help, CCDHB selected Blackberry’s AtHoc, a critical event management system and deployed it onto a dedicated fleet of iPhones.

With help from Mobile Mentor, a Nashville hospice’s devices become lifelines

Alive enlisted Mobile Mentor, which helps organizations secure and optimize devices for remote workforces. Recognizing that the hospice is a nonprofit organization, Mobile Mentor offered to do an initial assessment of its device management approach at no cost.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center successfully deploys BYOD program

VUMC has made significant investments in its technology stack in recent years and embraced Microsoft 365 to secure and empower 33,000 clinicians and staff.

Many employees use their personal devices for work and as VUMC deploys more apps to its employees, data security became a top priority for IT leadership.


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