5 Benefits of Windows 365 Cloud PC

Since its release, Windows 365 Cloud PC has proven to be a game changer for many businesses. As the service provides an innovative and powerful way to offer virtual machines to employees, those who have leveraged it have experienced enhanced hybrid flexibility with improved security for a variety of operational circumstances.

September 14th, 2023|Insights, Windows 365|

The 6 Best Features of Microsoft Intune

In the ever-evolving landscape of IT management, the role of endpoint management and remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions has become increasingly important.   One such standout in this realm is Microsoft Intune, a comprehensive cloud-based service that empowers businesses to effectively manage and secure their devices and applications. Intune has made a significant impact [...]

August 31st, 2023|Insights, Intune|

What is Mobile Threat Management and How is it Used?

MTM (mobile threat management) is a security solution designed to detect malicious apps and inappropriate app permissions that invade privacy (e.g. turning on camera and mic). Notably, MTM detects app side-loading (an important feature considering the impacts of the EU’s Digital Markets Act), phishing attempts, malicious web links, and man-in-the-middle attacks. MTM also detects jailbreak attempts in real time and passes telemetry to your IT admins.

August 24th, 2023|Insights, Security|

The Benefits of the Intune and ServiceNow Integration

In today's fast-paced business world, most companies strive to boost efficiency and streamline their operations. A great way to do this is by using different software solutions that help with managing different parts of a business.  A prime example of such integration is the seamless collaboration between Microsoft Intune and ServiceNow. This powerful integration [...]

August 3rd, 2023|Insights, Intune|

Why Monitoring Applications (APM) is Important and How to Monitor Applications Effectively

As modern businesses continue to invest heavily in digital transformation, applications have become the backbone of organizations across various industries. Whether it's customer-facing apps, internal systems, or cloud-based platforms, applications play a vital role in driving operational efficiency, enhancing customer experiences, and generating revenue. However, ensuring the smooth functioning and optimal performance of these [...]

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