The technical knowledge and technical experience of the (Mobile Mentor) team was really paramount in getting the right solution in place.

Angus Armstrong, CIO, Flight Centre

By streamlining their Endpoint Management Strategy with Intune, Flight Centre bolstered their global security for a multi-national business. 

Client Overview: 

Flight Centre, a multinational company, operates globally with around 8,000 laptops and 5,000 phones across various countries. Their team faced a significant challenge managing these devices spread across multiple tenants and different Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems.


Flight Centre’s diverse global operations resulted in a fragmented endpoint management ecosystem with devices dispersed across different MDM platforms, making it challenging to streamline and secure the entire fleet. With nearly 8,000 laptops and 5,000 phones worldwide, the manual provisioning, patching, and updating processes were time-consuming, inefficient, and posed a security risk.

Mobile Mentor’s Solution:

Mobile Mentor stepped in as a service provider, collaborating closely with Flight Centre to address their challenges. The following key initiatives were undertaken:

Long-Term Roadmap Consultation:

  • Mobile Mentor consulted Flight Centre on a strategic roadmap to consolidate all countries and tenants into a single MDM platform – Microsoft Intune.
  • Guided the logical steps required for a successful migration project.

Implementation of Microsoft Intune:

  • Built out Microsoft Intune for Windows devices, providing a unified platform for endpoint management.
  • Implemented Mobile Application Management (MAM) for mobile phones, ensuring a uniform approach to device security.
  • Achieved Zero Touch Provisioning for laptops, streamlining the device onboarding process.

Automation of Patching with PatchMyPC:

The Mobile Mentor team integrated PatchMyPC to automate OS and application patching, reducing the workload on the Flight Centre IT team. In result, devices and applications are consistently updated with the latest security fixes.

Partnership and Ongoing Collaboration:

  • Spotlighted the sense of partnership between Mobile Mentor’s engineers and the Flight Centre team.
  • Ongoing Professional Services (PS) work planned to extend the implementation to two additional tenants.

Benefits and Future State:

Through collaboration with Mobile Mentor, Flight Centre has streamlined their global Endpoint Management strategy while simultaneously establishing uniform policies across different regions for enhanced end-user experiences and security. Collaboratively, the team has constructed one global policy with per-country/brand refinement for flexibility.

Automation and Efficiency:

Flight Centre is now on track for reduced administration and resourcing costs associated with managing multiple endpoint management platforms. Additionally, with Zero Touch Provisioning and automated application patching, their team is able to save time and reduce their Field Service’s team’s manual efforts.

We’ve got a small team of very experienced engineers, and the reality is that the administration of multiple different device management systems is always going to have a longer and bigger impact in terms of the number of hours spent to implement and maintain those systems. Now, we’ve certainly seen a reduction in hours we need to spend monitoring those systems.

Angus Armstrong, CIO, Flight Centre

Enhanced Security and Visibility:

Flight Centre now has improved security through frequent device updates and uniform security policies throughout the business. Administrators have a visibility for managing and monitoring end-user devices on a single pane of glass.

Cost-Effective and Scalable Solution

Leveraging Microsoft Autopilot and Endpoint Manager, Flight Centre is positioned to automatically provision and de-provisioning of devices – preparing their team for business expansion with streamlined onboarding processes.

Mobile Mentor has been very thorough and very detailed in seeing the project through to completion.

Angus Armstrong, CIO, Flight Centre


Mobile Mentor’s comprehensive solution not only addressed Flight Centre’s immediate challenges but also laid the foundation for a scalable, efficient, and secure endpoint management infrastructure. The ongoing partnership ensures continued support and adaptation to Flight Centre’s evolving needs in the dynamic landscape of endpoint management.

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