A regional Council in New South Wales sought to transition from their existing legacy MDM platforms, VMware Workspace ONE UEM and Sophos, to Microsoft Intune for enhanced endpoint security and streamlined device management.  

They aimed to optimise their Intune configuration to enhance security and control while ensuring a seamless user experience. Mobile Mentor was engaged by Council to conduct a comprehensive review of their current configurations, use cases, and devices, and provide recommendations for migrating to Intune. 



The IT team at Council faced several challenges in migrating to Intune: 

Legacy MDM Platforms: Transitioning from VMware Workspace ONE UEM and Sophos to Intune required careful planning and execution to ensure a smooth migration without disrupting existing workflows. 

Security and Control: Balancing the need for maximum security and control with a seamless user experience was essential to maintain productivity and user satisfaction. 

Technical Issues: The council was grappling with VPN/certificate integration issues in Intune, which needed resolution to ensure uninterrupted access to applications and web clips. 


Mobile Mentor’s Approach 

Mobile Mentor adopted a structured approach to address the identified challenges: 

Design and Planning: Mobile Mentor conducted kick-off meetings to align stakeholders, confirm use cases, and define design requirements. They also assessed access and prerequisites for the Intune deployment. 

MDM Configuration: Mobile Mentor enabled Zero-touch for Android devices and defined shared/kiosk use cases for specific scenarios such as childcare iPads and Learn2 swim iPads. They configured and built these environments and provided support during user acceptance testing (UAT) and subsequent updates. 

Documentation and Guides: Mobile Mentor developed admin setup guides for shared/kiosk builds and provided comprehensive as-built documentation to facilitate smooth operations post-migration. 

Knowledge Transfer: Mobile Mentor conducted knowledge transfer sessions to equip the council’s IT team with the necessary skills and expertise for Intune administration and troubleshooting. 


Results and Benefits 

Mobile Mentor’s support enabled  the Council to successfully migrate to Intune, realising several benefits: 

Enhanced Security and Control: The Intune deployment maximized endpoint security and control, aligning with industry best practices while ensuring compliance with the council’s specific requirements. 

Streamlined Administration: The Intune configuration streamlined device management processes, reducing administrative overhead and enhancing operational efficiency. 

Seamless User Experience: Despite the transition, users experienced minimal disruption thanks to Mobile Mentor’s meticulous planning and support, ensuring a seamless transition to the new environment. 



By leveraging Mobile Mentor’s Intune expertise and guidance, the Council achieved its objectives of enhancing security, streamlining administration, and ensuring a seamless user experience, setting the stage for continued innovation and growth in the digital landscape.